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gary larson predicts wuhan.png
>> No. 33825 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 1:47 pm
33825 Coronavirus #4
Thread #2 was over 1,700 posts long; thread #3 (>>27266) is now close to 2,800 replies and no longer loads on my phone at work. Let's have a new, hopefully final thread.

The current situation:
Everything is expected to reopen on the 21st of June 2021.
It might not, because cases are rising from the lesser reopenings and the dreaded Indian variant.
Vaccination is going well in rich countries. UK deaths are ~10/day.
Speculation is starting again that the virus might have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because it's such an intriguing coincidence, but reasonable people do not currently believe it was a deliberate Chinese conspiracy.
India is currently the country with the worst COVID-19 horror stories.

Will Dominic Cummings give any more evidence about the ineptitude of government handling, or has he said everything he wanted to say now?
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>> No. 34226 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 6:26 pm
34226 spacer
> You need a flu jab every year
U wot m8.
>> No. 34227 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 6:35 pm
34227 spacer
As brief an answer as possible, basically there are a vast number of ways in which a virus can mutate, but any particular coronavirus only has a narrow window of possible mutations that are functionally useful. The delta variant is mostly just a cumulation of the same mutations we've already seen occurring separately. Other types of virus like HIV or the flu have much wider avenues of possible mutations due to their form.


>we can easily identify candidate mutations from the genome sequence data, because they have emerged over and over again during the course of the pandemic.
>These dozen or so mutations, in various combinations, are the defining feature of all variants
>Despite the increased caseload and death resulting from these mutations, can we at least take cold comfort from the fact that the total number of such mutations appears to be limited?
>But the properties of the virus are probably not determined by single mutations in isolation, but in how several mutations interact. This combinatorial perspective suddenly opens up new zones of potentially fruitful mutational space for the virus.
>> No. 34228 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 7:01 pm
34228 spacer

Older people and anyone who works in healthcare is encouraged to do so. It's often not thought of as a deadly disease, but somewhere around 400-600,000 people die of flu worldwide every year. The thing with flu is nearly every cunt gets it at some stage.

You can partially see why comparisons to flu were made early on with covid. There's a lot of hindsight going on in the discourse but, frankly, it wasn't all that irrational of an assessment back then, when we had so little information to go on. I think the biggest misapprehension at the time was that when saying it's "just a flu", most people didn't realise that just the flu still isn't actually something to be taken lightly. The health service goes to considerable lengths to prepare for and mitigate it every year.

Over time the evidence we are seeing with the new variants is that it is taking a similar path. In a few years time covid likely will be "just a flu", and we will deal with it similarly. People will still die like they do from flu, but it will be a smaller number we can tolerate and mitigate without the same level of disruption.

What's really fascinating is the way our actions in response to the virus have shaped the mutations.
>> No. 34229 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 9:34 pm
34229 spacer
But you said You!
>> No. 34230 Anonymous
18th June 2021
Friday 11:23 pm
34230 spacer

Back to "Comment is Free" with you.

>> No. 18042 Anonymous
14th February 2019
Thursday 7:08 am
18042 spacer
Shamima Begum: Bring me home, says Bethnal Green girl who left to join Isis

On the day the caliphate suffered a mortal blow the teenage London bride of an Islamic State fighter lifted her veil. Her two infant children were dead; her husband in captivity. Nineteen years old, nine months pregnant, weak and exhausted from her escape across the desert, she nevertheless looked calm and spoke with a collected voice.

“I’m not the same silly little 15-year-old schoolgirl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago,” she told me. “And I don’t regret coming here.”

With those words and the act of lifting her niqab, a mystery ended. The girl sitting before me, alone in a teeming Syrian refugee camp of 39,000 people where she is registered as No 28850, was Shamima Begum, the only known survivor of the three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green Academy whose fate has been unknown at home since they fled Britain together in 2015 to join Islamic State.

Ms Begum may have reached comparative safety, yet she chastised herself for leaving the last Isis territory as Kurd forces, backed by the West, closed in.

“I was weak,” she told me of her flight from the battle in Baghuz, with something akin to remorse. “I could not endure the suffering and hardship that staying on the battlefield involved. But I was also frightened that the child I am about to give birth to would die like my other children if I stayed on. So I fled the caliphate. Now all I want to do is come home to Britain.”


Should someone who quite clearly doesn't regret going to join ISIS and is still sympathetic to their plight be allowed back in this country? Then again, she'd already been 'radicalised' by those closest to her in this country.
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>> No. 34208 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 4:46 pm
34208 spacer

I don't understand, can you explain?
>> No. 34209 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 4:55 pm
34209 spacer
I think it's the slightly strange comparison of people like Goering and a twelve year old doing star jumps at the behest of a Nazi party member. It's not that funny really, although his comic timing was spot on. He almost stumbled upon the quite interesting point that we actually had no problem prosecuting British collaborators post-war. I say "almost", he was in the same hemisphere.
>> No. 34210 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 5:44 pm
34210 spacer
I swear Partridge is just a thinly-veiled Richard Madeley.
>> No. 34212 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 8:12 pm
34212 spacer
Honestly, I think he made quite a good point there.
>> No. 34215 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 8:57 pm
34215 spacer
In the worst manner possible.

>> No. 27223 Anonymous
28th August 2020
Friday 9:27 am
27223 spacer
Push to get staff back to offices amid warning of UK's 'ghost towns'

Workers will be encouraged to return to the office as part of a major media campaign to be launched by the government next week. The television and newspaper messages will promote the government’s aim to reduce the number of employees working from home amid fears that town and city centres are becoming ghost areas as workers stay away.

A report in the Telegraph said the campaign would push the emotional and mental health benefits of mixing with colleagues but also said that ministers would warn that those working from home could be more vulnerable to being sacked.


Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off.
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>> No. 33913 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 3:49 pm
33913 spacer

Climbing inside a big red letterbox and having a wee chuff
>> No. 33914 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 3:52 pm
33914 spacer
Being a dysfunctional ADD sort of person who sleeps on a 6 or 13 hour cycle, I'm very torn on work from home. On the one hand, not sleeping consistently makes it difficult to get up and get ready for work on time and makes it impossible to do so without showing up some days being completely out of it from lack of sleep. With WFH there's the option of waking up at 1pm and working later to compensate, which helps with that. But on the other hand, in the absence of being forced to focus by a school/workplace environment I would inevitably leave things to or beyond the last minute, so it's unlikely that I'm actually going to sit up until 9pm doing my work like a responsible person when someone on this website is being wrong about snails.
>> No. 33915 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 5:45 pm
33915 spacer


I've never really thrived in a typical white-collar office environment. Something about it always felt stifling to me. From bosses where you have to know the exact distance you're expected to crawl up their arse, to the finer points of office politics and having to suffer the quirks of coworkers eight hours a day.

We're now gradually moving back to a schedule where we are expected to spend most of our time back at our company's headquarters, and I've honestly been looking at other job openings or career opportunities that would enable me to keep working from home full time. Maybe even become self employed.
>> No. 33916 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 6:27 pm
33916 spacer
>Being a dysfunctional ADD sort of person

Have you had any success with the Medication / Working Therapies side of things? I'm honestly like that moment in Brazil where Robert De Niro rips all the Ducts open, every time someone gets my attention - but only if I forget to take my prescription whizz. [Computer-based] CBT was a waste of time though, I just stared through the PC monitor at the wall behind, answering the multiple choice questions like I was auditioning for the Job of a Normal Person, and the rather fit Healthcare Assistant didn't seem to know exactly what to make of me describing my experience with it.
>> No. 34211 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 7:21 pm
34211 spacer
>Downing Street has confirmed the government is considering legislating to make working from home the “default” option by giving employees the right to request it. Responding to reports that ministers could change the law, Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson said a flexible working taskforce was examining how best to proceed.

>“What we’re consulting on is making flexible working a default option unless there are good reasons not to,” they said. That would mirror the approach to other forms of flexible working, such as part-time hours. However, they emphasised there would be no legal right to work from home, adding that the prime minister still believed there were benefits to being in the office, including collaboration with colleagues.


>> No. 21124 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 6:15 pm
21124 spacer
>ITV News presenter Alastair Stewart is stepping down from his role following what ITN called "errors of judgment in Alastair's use of social media".

>In a statement, the veteran broadcaster, 67, said: "It was a misjudgement which I regret." ITN said he had breached editorial guidelines, but did not elaborate on the reasons for his departure.

>The newsreader's Twitter account has now been deactivated.


What's he done? He's either offended some group or been caught trying to shag a young lass.
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>> No. 34129 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 10:20 pm
34129 spacer

I mean, when the Christians acheived political hegemony in their locale and epoch they did the Crusades and the Inquisition, so we have the secular neoliberal version of that to look forward to.
>> No. 34131 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 11:42 pm
34131 spacer
Wasn't that what the Iraq War and that ghastly "future of work" exhibit at the Millennium Dome were for?
>> No. 34134 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 6:58 am
34134 spacer
Of course he owned him, he suggested that he works at either Footlocker or McDonald's. You don't get more cutting than that.
>> No. 34142 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 12:45 pm
34142 spacer
TBF I'd take a much greater interest in my local news if it was presented by a man in skinny jeans who kept threatening to bang people out.
>> No. 34191 Anonymous
16th June 2021
Wednesday 6:58 pm
34191 spacer

Regional Newspersons should have to fight the passersby for the right to be newsman. If you defeat the current newsman in fisticuffs you get to be the new Regional Newsperson. This was the way that Newsreaders used to be selected and frankly I think Journalistic standards were higher back them.

We all remember hearing of how Jon Snow defeated 100 Newsmen in News-kumite back in 1973 and as you can see, he is still going strong.

>> No. 33975 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 9:55 pm
33975 South African woman gives birth to 10 babies

>A South African woman has reportedly given birth to 10 babies in what would be a new world record.

>Gosiame Thamara Sithole's husband says they were astonished by decuplets after scans only showed eight in the womb.
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>> No. 34081 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 11:22 pm
34081 spacer

Well now we've got our thinking caps on. Aren't most of the pusher's victims men?
>> No. 34082 Anonymous
13th June 2021
Sunday 1:21 am
34082 spacer

>> No. 34084 Anonymous
13th June 2021
Sunday 3:04 am
34084 spacer

It's not difficult to buy a pantsuit from Primark for the express purpose of looking trustworthy to people like yourself.
>> No. 34089 Anonymous
13th June 2021
Sunday 10:32 am
34089 spacer


>> No. 34090 Anonymous
13th June 2021
Sunday 11:06 am
34090 spacer
A polished turd is still a turd.

>> No. 26516 Anonymous
27th July 2020
Monday 9:48 am
26516 spacer
...It is important to state that it is not communities that commit crimes but individuals. Those convicted are squarely Henry Long, Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, not thousands of innocent people who share their heritage. Tarring all Travellers with the brush of these men’s callousness is as unfair as tarring all Catholics for paedophile priests or all eskimos for daft militant wog attacks.

Yet to completely ignore the cultural context of this crime is wrong. Henry Long, the ringleader, was removed from school at the age of 12; he followed his father and grandfather into the thieving “trade”. Albert Bowers left school at 11 and before the trial had already picked up three youth convictions. These young men could not read or write. For years they had not known school or structure. Their education was in petty crime.

Such problems do not solely beset Travellers but they are far more prevalent among Traveller communities. If we want to be a country where all are treated the same, where all live by the same rules and where the state does its best to furnish each with a decent chance in life, we have to end the squeamishness that prevents open talk about Travellers. This squeamishness is down to two fears. First, the fear of retribution. After the verdict on PC Harper’s death it emerged that the judge, Mr Justice Edis, brought the first trial to a temporary halt over an alleged potential plot to intimidate jurors. Extra security measures were brought in. Jurors were referred to by number not name. One juror was dismissed for acting oddly in court, mouthing pleasantries at the defendants. Whether she was motivated by misplaced friendliness or fear of someone up in that public gallery we do not know, but most will not be shocked by revelations of intimidation.

The fear of the bullet, the knife, the burnt-out car; this helps the lawless elements of Traveller culture maintain a certain power, and gives the law-abiding majority of Travellers a terrible name.

The second fear is that of being labelled racist. Since the Equality Act 2010 recognised Gypsy, Roma and Travellers as ethnic minorities, race has been used to shield this culture from due scrutiny. Sensible questions about why those within these groups are more likely to be in prison, more likely to be illiterate or more likely to suffer domestic violence prompt cries of racism. In April a Channel 4 Dispatches programme titled The Truth About Traveller Crime was dubbed “dehumanising” by activists and investigated by Ofcom. Desperate not to offend, the authorities turn a culturally sensitive blind eye.

The fears hush most into silence, and the silence means the stand-off between Travellers and the rest of society continues uneasily. Many feel disquieted to see the mobile homes rolling on to a local beauty spot, a portent too often of littering, mess, anti-social behaviour. Meanwhile those in Traveller communities are hardly “living their best lives”. Travellers die about ten years earlier than the rest of us. They have higher rates of chronic illness. Their suicide rates are six times higher.

You might argue that they choose to live like this, but the babies born into that life don’t. Many are destined to repeat the same pattern: leave school in your early teens, drift into a life of odd jobs and petty crime, never move beyond the circles you were raised in. As long as the culturally sensitive force-field exists around Travellers, these children are abandoned to a fate that should not be tolerated in 21st-century Britain.

It is a scandal that some Gypsy and Traveller children are taken out of school at primary age; that some start work as young as ten; that about 65 per cent of Traveller children are persistently absent from school; that they have the lowest attainment of all ethnic groups throughout their school years and are far more likely to be excluded. Are we to be surprised when they choose crime?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 34070 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 7:20 pm
34070 spacer
I've just seen your post. If nothing I see is the truth, your statement is false, so what now? At least one thing I see if the truth? Everything I see is the truth? Nothing I see is the ..untruth?
>> No. 34071 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 7:31 pm
34071 spacer

The principle of excluded middle is a fundamental misconstruction, A is not A.
>> No. 34072 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 7:37 pm
34072 spacer
>> No. 34073 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 7:45 pm
34073 spacer

A thing needn't be [either true or false], it could be something in-between (or outside/beyond).
>> No. 34083 Anonymous
13th June 2021
Sunday 1:47 am
34083 spacer

>A thing needn't be [either true or false], it could be something in-between (or outside/beyond).


>> No. 27146 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 10:54 pm
27146 spacer
I suppose it's time for a new thread seeing as the previous one is almost at 1,700 posts.

It's been kicking off in America (again) after the police have shot a black man (again). A couple of protesters/rioters have been killed after they were driven by the police towards an alt-right militia, with this planned in advance.
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>> No. 33953 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 2:51 pm
33953 spacer

>why is ones opinion worth more than another?

If your opinion is "this hurts me and makes me feel bad" and my opinion is "it's fine" then why shouldn't yours be given more consideration by anyone compassionate enough to not want you to feel bad?

Moreover it's not really an opinion, is it, it's not like you can say well, in ny opinion, I feel awful when I hear a joke about my race, can you? It's deeper than that and pretty dismissive to suggest it's merely a preference for you and your entire race to not be compared to a monkey.
>> No. 33954 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 2:53 pm
33954 spacer
>It's not about ignorance - the hypothetical that I gave you was a black person who was not ignorant, but remained uncomfortable.

But the core of what you're saying is that irrational feelings of one individual dictate the behaviour of others, and that regardless of the reality, if someone feels bad about something then that something must be changed to accommodate them. You can't apply that policy consistently, it's ouroboro...tic.

>The other black person couldn't care either way,
Who said that? In my example the other black person (I'll just refer to him as a Wilfred Zaha for now) is actually arguing against any action being taken in that vein, as many are.

>I don't know what you mean by "you can't just go on feeling",
Because black people are the same as white people, they're just treated differently by certain institutions and individuals.

I don't think I should operate on feeling above all else, same goes for people in general. It would be entitled of me to assume that other people whose cultures I am not a part of and whose cultural symbolism is provably unrelated to my history or my being to change their culture to accommodate my feelings, when I can instead learn to control my feelings. Why would I change my mind on that principle just because of the colour of someones skin?

What if we were just talking about white people?
>> No. 33955 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 2:58 pm
33955 spacer
>If your opinion is "this hurts me and makes me feel bad" and my opinion is "it's fine" then why shouldn't yours be given more consideration by anyone compassionate enough to not want you to feel bad?

That's a false equivalence. You're saying "racism hurts me and this monkey being hanged resembles racist iconography, so this is hurting me" with the response being "Actually this refers to a chimp we thought was a Frenchman, it's completely unrelated".

Then any reasonable person would go, "Oh, okay, thanks for educating me on your cultural heritage. What a funny coincidence".

Your argument, if applied in real life, would lead Jews to go to Japan and complain about the manji. You don't see Jews in Japan slating the manji. Because that would be absolutely moronic, and culturally insensitive. I'll now be dying on that hill because I think it perfectly encapsulates why this hypothetical black person is a snowflake.
>> No. 33956 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 3:12 pm
33956 spacer

I wasn't talking specifically about that, it just sounded like you didn't understand how racism worked.
>> No. 33957 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 3:34 pm
33957 spacer
What if you give me the benefit of the doubt, regardless of whether I deserve it?

>> No. 33896 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 8:32 pm
33896 spacer
Stop letting Meghan name the babies! Goddamn it! Argh! What if this child winds up as an actual royal through a sequence of only moderately implausible coincidences?

"Lilibet" was a nickname for the Queen Mother, because someone, possibly the Queen or maybe Prince Charles, could not pronounce "Elizabeth". It is not, nor has it ever been, a real name that you should give to a baby. And Meghan has previous form for this. If you want a child called Archie, put the full name on the birth certificate then shorten little Archibald's name. Don't actually christen the child by a shortened name. You'll sound like an imbecile. Surely Harry understands the importance of children having REAL names? Why doesn't he speak up?
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>> No. 33900 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 8:52 pm
33900 spacer
Can we marry off a royal to a Japanese prince and then quietly just nick their royal family?
We could go back to having a quiet, dignified, distant sort of royalty actually capable of generating faint interest on the rare occasions they come up. No more boring gossip about people who you don't really know who they are because they're not the Queen, the queen's husband, or the heir apparent. (if only because we would no longer speak the language that all of that gossip is happening in.)
>> No. 33901 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 8:59 pm
33901 spacer
Stop being racist, it's part of their culture as Americans to give their children utterly daft names.
>> No. 33902 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:04 pm
33902 spacer
A bit
>> No. 33903 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:19 pm
33903 spacer
Couple decide to name baby after great-grandmother's nickname? Outrageous!

Get a life.
>> No. 33904 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 12:12 am
33904 spacer
Here's a solution: we exterminate every single member of the aristocracy and anyone related to them by marriage.

>> No. 31683 Anonymous
10th March 2021
Wednesday 7:27 pm
31683 spacer
Almost all young women in the UK have been sexually harassed, survey finds

Virtually all young women in the UK have been subjected to sexual harassment, according to a survey from UN Women UK, which warns that most women have lost faith that the abuse will be dealt with. Among women aged 18-24, 97% said they had been sexually harassed, while 80% of women of all ages said they had experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.


Should we, as a gender, be doing more to tackle sexual harassment?
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>> No. 33868 Anonymous
1st June 2021
Tuesday 10:36 pm
33868 spacer
>Sarah Everard died as a result of compression of the neck, a post-mortem examination has found.


What exactly is compression of the neck? I assume it's different to strangulation/asphyxiation if they haven't been given as the cause of death. Did she receive the George Floyd treatment?
>> No. 33869 Anonymous
1st June 2021
Tuesday 10:41 pm
33869 spacer

Ah. It's one of those kinky sex gone wrong cases.
>> No. 33873 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 1:05 am
33873 spacer
Maybe it's a blood flow thing? You can press your veins and arteries in your neck quite easily; I can imagine it would kill you if someone wanted to do that. Meanwhile, I think George Floyd officially died of a heart attack, which was why the defence for Derek Chauvin argued that it was the drugs that killed him. If you Floyded Sarah Everard and she didn't have a heart attack, she might have just had the blood flow cut off to her brain. Although I do strongly suspect she was murdered a little more vigorously than is being implied by that report.
>> No. 33874 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 7:52 am
33874 spacer
It's injury to the spine.
>> No. 33972 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 6:53 pm
33972 spacer
>I think George Floyd officially died of a heart attack
This is partly a case of medical terms confusing lay people.
You have a heart attack when your heart stops receiving enough oxygen to pump blood correctly. When writing death certificates doctors are usually very pedantic about only writing things that that can see direct evidence of. So they will write that they died of a heart attack but avoid conjecture about possible causes of that lack of oxygen.

>> No. 33826 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 2:30 pm
33826 Monsieur Moaty
A manhunt is under way in south-west France for a heavily armed former soldier who opened fire on police.

Helicopters, dog teams and more than 200 officers are searching for the man around the town of Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare in the Dordogne region.

Reports say the unnamed man is around 30 years old, has a history of domestic violence, and is armed with a high-calibre weapon.

The local government has urged residents to stay indoors.

"The man went overnight to his ex-partner's home. A dispute took place there, which led to the intervention of gendarmes and that is when the suspect shot at them. He then fled to woods nearby," prefect of Dordogne Frédéric Périssat told BFM television.

Mr Périssat added that the man is within a four sq km (1.5 sq mile) "hilly, wooded area" cordoned off by police.

Expand all images.
>> No. 33827 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 3:04 pm
33827 spacer
Nos douves?
>> No. 33831 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 5:17 pm
33831 spacer
There was a guy in Belgium doing this recently too. He got a gun, said he was going to kill the head of coronavirus research or something like that, and set off to find and kill him. The guy was taken to a secret location and is now being guarded by police, I think.

>> No. 33832 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 5:52 pm
33832 spacer

>the man is within a four sq km (1.5 sq mile) "hilly, wooded area"

That seems to me a small enough area that a chopper's FLIR would find him in minutes?
>> No. 33833 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 6:45 pm
33833 spacer

Happened after lunch so the chopper pilot's already had a glass of red wine.
>> No. 33835 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 8:06 pm
33835 spacer

I am on le way. I 'ave un bouteille du vin and un canne à pêche.

>> No. 27266 Anonymous
28th August 2020
Friday 5:21 pm
27266 Corona thread #3 Locked
Right, now that the last corona thread is over 1,700 posts long, maybe it's time for a new one.

How long do you think it will be until we're fully back to normal?
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>> No. 33819 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 8:57 pm
33819 spacer
I feel ripped off that we didn't get to see that. Ordinarily that might be a nasty thing to wish on someone, but he went and got covid anyway so it's not even like wishing him harm - it's just wishing that harm he was going to bring on himself anyway had happened in the most absurd way possible.
>> No. 33820 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 9:44 pm
33820 spacer

>I'm still trying to get over Cummings claim that the PM wanted to be injected with Covid-19 on television.


>boasting about how many COVID patient hands he had shaken

It's all starting to make (slightly more) sense.
>> No. 33821 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 11:43 pm
33821 spacer

I hear he has at least 6
>> No. 33822 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 12:43 am
33822 spacer
> If we're to compare to to the Blitz
You can have a lot of fun with such comparisons; thank you for suggesting this. In my head, thousands of people would go and stand on the beach with pitchforks every weekend in 1940, to show the brave British spirit, and get shot to pieces by Messerschmitts every single time. The Daily Mail would write an article entitled, "WE WELCOME THE GREAT EXCELLENT VIRUS", and complaining about this would get you denounced as a nit-picking fusspot. We would all have big bonfires every night, and our cities would get bombed to shit in a gallant act of defiance. In the end, among the smouldering ruins of the heart of the British Empire, Alan Turing would invent the atom bomb all on his own, it would be named "the Great British Boris Banger", and we'd win the war anyway.

>cyberbullying about poo
They still gang-rape women and throw acid on their daughters, though. It'll be a while before I consider India to be a nice place.
>> No. 33830 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 4:29 pm
33830 spacer

>> No. 33809 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:31 pm
33809 Sandwell Bitcoin mine found stealing electricity

Detectives said they were tipped off about lots of people visiting the unit throughout the day and a police drone picked up a lot of heat coming from the building.

Sgt Jennifer Griffin said, given the signs, they had expected to find a cannabis farm.

"It had all the hallmarks of a cannabis cultivation set-up and I believe it is only the second such crypto mine we have encountered in the West Midlands," she said.
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>> No. 33812 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:47 pm
33812 spacer
Do you read any of the threads on /*/ or is this a write-only forum for you?
>> No. 33813 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:50 pm
33813 spacer
Yeah dad you told us.

>> No. 33442 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 4:56 pm
33442 spacer
ITV has cancelled plans to show the final episode of Noel Clarke’s primetime drama Viewpoint after the Guardian published detailed allegations of sexual harassment against the show’s star.

The five-part big budget thriller has been running every night this week at 9pm on ITV, but the conclusion of the story will no longer be shown on the broadcaster’s main channel on Friday night due to the “very serious nature” of the allegations raised by women who have worked with the actor and director.

The decision to pull the finale of a drama series from a mainstream television channel for off-screen reasons at the last minute is highly unusual. The broadcaster said the final episode would be made briefly available on its ITV Hub streaming service for viewers who wanted to see how the story concluded.


Taking it off the air but still letting you stream it is a bit of a head scratcher.
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>> No. 33445 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 7:19 pm
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>sexual harassment
I know they say the allegations are very serious, but they were always going to say that. Sexual harassment can be a lot of things. The fact that he has been completely #cancelled overnight, and a TV programme he's in has now been thrown into the Well of Problematicity, certainly unsettles me. If he's a mad serial rapist, I guess it's up to ITV, although I'd at least let the series end before banishing him forever. If he just made some banter about boobies to a Vorderman-shaped colleague, then I would definitely, definitely let the series end before shitcanning him.
>> No. 33446 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 7:32 pm
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He, allegedly, has a thing for getting young women who are trying to break into the industry to have 'naked auditions' whilst secretly filming it.
>> No. 33447 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 7:56 pm
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There are twenty women alleging he's done shit so horrible he'd have been sacked years ago for any one of these incidents in any other line of work. Auditioning someone in the nude and secretly filming it is obviously something that's quite hard to bring about in most other jobs, but I don't think it's actually that shocking that he's lost work and his reputation is in the pits. This piece has all the alegations and they are damning and frequently corroborated: https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2021/apr/29/actor-noel-clarke-accused-of-groping-harassment-and-bullying-by-20-women

However, it's not until the end of that piece that something very telling happens. The writers explain Clarke had his mate call some of these women, telling one “If you want that sit down at any point with Noel, whether it’s with lawyers there or me there, whatever you want, for him to apologise, I know he will, he will do that.”. That's from Clarke's business partner Jason Maza who also told the woman Clarke had spent an "insane" amount on private eyes, and you don't do these things if you're confident you can hold your hands up and say wasn't me, guv in complete honesty. This seems like some really in depth journalism and The Guardian would be out of in court and out of print by next week if it was baseless.

He's a petite Weinstein, seemingly. Leveraging power for sexual sexual favours and shutting down dissent by the same means. Fuck him, I hope he spills hot tea all down his best shirt and it burns his nipples off.
>> No. 33449 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 9:07 pm
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I hate how they say "harrassment" to rhythm with "embarrassment". I can't be the only one.

It's started to sound that way when I read it now. Fuck you BBC Radio 4.
>> No. 33776 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 10:10 pm
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daily mail hurrah for the blackshirts.jpg
>> No. 32614 Anonymous
24th March 2021
Wednesday 1:06 am
32614 Media bias - is there any?
Do you believe the UK media is politically biased?

I get nearly all my news from the BBC. And the BBC is, officially, legally required to be politically impartial. And yet the new head of the BBC since last year, Tim Davie, is a full-blown Conservative politician who has taken several steps to stop the BBC being so critical of the government:


I'm no fan of sanctimonious wokeness, but I do believe the media has an obligation to challenge the government, which effectively makes it the voice of the opposition. So for as long as we regularly get 15+-year periods of uninterrupted Conservative government, yes, I do want the BBC to criticise the Conservatives, simply because they're the ones in power. If Jeremy Corbyn was Prime Minister, I would expect them to turn on him immediately, but it's hardly the BBC's fault nobody voted for him.

Lately, I've noticed that the BBC tends to get Conservative politicians on to interview them extremely frequently. If you watch the news at precisely 07:30 on a Friday, there's a different blue-ribbon bootlicker every week. And they do the rounds of every news organisation, also having Zoom conversations with ITV News and Sky News, while opposition politicians never get a look in. Is this deliberate? Are Labour MPs just refusing to get up that early, because they are lazy and poor and hungover from smoking crack all night? I know the TV presenters try to take Our Glorious Overlords to task during the weekly brown-nosing, but they never succeed. The Conservatives are just getting free advertising in the end. But for all I know, maybe that's because newsreaders are incompetent rather than some gigantic overarching national conspiracy to fellate God Emperor Boris at every opportunity.

I think we can all accept that tabloid newspapers are openly right-wing, but at the same time, social media is predominantly left-wing, and pretty unabashedly so. Does this cancel out? Is the media all right on the whole? I sometimes watch Russia Today, universally acknowledged as propaganda, just to see what propaganda looks like. They never lie, but every single story is just, "You can't trust the mainstream media, so watch RT instead for your brave daily dose of red pills." The fact that none of the news is actually completely fabricated, not even when it's made by literal foreign agents trying to undermine the fabric of Her Majesty's Great British Society, makes me feel confident that TV news reporting must be pretty tightly regulated. Newspapers, of course, are bollocks and must be ignored.

What do YOU think?
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>> No. 33643 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 9:04 pm
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Sponge Bob?
>> No. 33644 Anonymous
21st May 2021
Friday 9:17 pm
33644 spacer
He's clearly going to silence bumb them. It's the most insidious form of bumming.
>> No. 33656 Anonymous
23rd May 2021
Sunday 5:48 pm
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>> No. 33660 Anonymous
24th May 2021
Monday 7:51 am
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If history teaches us anything is that history teaches us nothing.
>> No. 33665 Anonymous
25th May 2021
Tuesday 2:34 pm
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Never cared much for Hegel.

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