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>> No. 4921 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 2:16 pm
4921 It has come to my attention
That civet-poop coffee isn't the only poop coffee, for some reason there's elephant-poop coffee too. It's even more expensive.

I can't believe the digestive system of an elephant is more similar to a civet's than a human's is. So this raises the question, would human-poop coffee have the same alleged properties?

Can we market Gamer Girl Poop coffee? This whole concept is basically the same as cigars being sold on the basis that they were "rolled on the thigh of a dusky maiden".
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>> No. 4924 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 5:10 pm
4924 spacer
What has humanity become?
>> No. 4925 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 7:14 pm
4925 spacer

Sexy, in an array of extremely specific ways.
>> No. 4926 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 8:03 pm
4926 spacer

I see it has already been endorsed by Hitomi Tanaka.
>> No. 4927 Anonymous
16th June 2021
Wednesday 1:06 am
4927 spacer
I for one look forward to the new normal of twitch thots incorporating shitting coffee beans into their 100 new subs squat routine.

And how the rules will bend to treat this as if it was always fine.
>> No. 4928 Anonymous
16th June 2021
Wednesday 4:00 am
4928 spacer


chicken boy puzzled.jpg
>> No. 4814 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 7:24 pm
4814 spacer
Scientifically speaking, what's the best form of poo?
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>> No. 4819 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 8:23 pm
4819 spacer

As an IBS sufferer, I find this offensive and triggering. All poos matter.
>> No. 4917 Anonymous
22nd April 2021
Thursday 6:48 pm
4917 spacer

Would a transporter poo have the same post-poo sense of fulfilment as a regular poo or does the action of taking a poo induce a euphoric effect? I know the vagus nerve is stimulated when you have a big poo but is it the physical motion that it likes or just the emptiness.

I've also noticed that we have a surprising amount of poo threads to choose from. Or not nearly enough.
>> No. 4918 Anonymous
22nd April 2021
Thursday 9:14 pm
4918 spacer

Please, you have to fix the hide thread command. Just fix it, please. I can't handle this. I already did a week in the clink for not wanting to think about shite don't make me a lifer.
>> No. 4919 Anonymous
22nd April 2021
Thursday 9:47 pm
4919 spacer
Top notch shitposting, lads.
>> No. 4920 Anonymous
23rd April 2021
Friday 5:22 pm
4920 spacer
You can use uBlock origin to block the thread's element.

pythag proof.png
>> No. 4568 Anonymous
7th May 2019
Tuesday 5:02 pm
4568 spacer
Is the Pythagoras Theorem the most beautiful theorem of all?
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>> No. 4569 Anonymous
7th May 2019
Tuesday 5:55 pm
4569 spacer
Not if you have a phobia of corners.
>> No. 4570 Anonymous
7th May 2019
Tuesday 6:44 pm
4570 spacer
No it is scandalously controversial. He most likely didn't invet it and took credit for it like one of his many other outrageous claims, like having a golden thigh, telling off a bear, and being the son of Apollo.
>> No. 4912 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 12:47 am
4912 spacer

Now that's what I call beautiful. It is a formula comprised almost entirely of totally different, disparate numbers, from varying fields of mathematics, and each one appears only once, and it's all true too.
>> No. 4913 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 5:33 pm
4913 spacer


Yeah, that's good too. And it's related to the Pythogorean theorem.
>> No. 4914 Anonymous
30th March 2021
Tuesday 8:05 am
4914 spacer
Not only does it have five of the most important numbers in maths, it also does the rounds in operations. Addition, multiplication and exponentiation.

Screenshot_2021-03-08 Uranus Is Leaking Gas Into S.png
>> No. 4911 Anonymous
8th March 2021
Monday 5:33 pm
4911 spacer

>> No. 4877 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 9:29 pm
4877 spacer
Did you know this? The Pythagorean theorem is a special case when c = d. I just realised this.
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>> No. 4904 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 3:57 pm
4904 spacer

The sum of the squares on the diagonals is equal to the sum of the squares on the perimeter.
>> No. 4905 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 5:02 pm
4905 spacer
Why not use a ruler?
>> No. 4906 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 5:03 pm
4906 spacer
The Greeks were a democracy.
>> No. 4907 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 5:05 pm
4907 spacer
You've done it now, the antiquarians will be all over you for this one.
>> No. 4908 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 6:52 pm
4908 spacer
The great thing is that next time people say "republic, not democracy" you can point out that the two are effectively translations of each other.

>> No. 4831 Anonymous
14th November 2020
Saturday 8:59 am
4831 spacer
6 / 2(1 + 2) = 6 / 2 + 4 = 3 + 4 = 7
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>> No. 4854 Anonymous
15th November 2020
Sunday 12:10 pm
4854 spacer

Sharp calculator is superior.
>> No. 4855 Anonymous
15th November 2020
Sunday 1:04 pm
4855 spacer

I won't disagree with you. HP stopped making really great calculators about twenty years ago when they moved all the manufacturing to China. On the plus side, they are much cheaper now.

I have an ageing HP20S which is really good, it works fine, but the power button is gone so I have to hold a load of buttons down to get it alive and have to wait for it to time-out to switch off, so it eats batteries more than it did originally. Sad times.
>> No. 4882 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 6:02 pm
4882 spacer
The answer is 1. End of. No discussion allowed.
>> No. 4884 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 6:16 pm
4884 spacer

Seeing as this thread has been necro-bumped, I'll mention that a) the HP Prime is damned cool apart from the weird viewing angles on the screen and b) SwissMicros make obsessively perfect re-creations of the classic HP calculators with modern components.


>> No. 4885 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 6:18 pm
4885 spacer
> SwissMicros

Goodness me - thank you. I never knew about this.

>> No. 4856 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 5:50 pm
4856 spacer
If something apparently isn't available on LibGen or SciHub, am I out of luck? Is there anywhere else I can ask?

Searching for a textbook which would otherwise cost 92GBP.
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>> No. 4870 Anonymous
28th November 2020
Saturday 6:14 pm
4870 spacer
It's a torrent site just for books
>> No. 4871 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 4:09 pm
4871 spacer

Got it with "bibliotik". Looks promising, thanks.
>> No. 4872 Anonymous
29th November 2020
Sunday 4:55 pm
4872 spacer

Looks like it's invite only. Can you help anotherlad out?
>> No. 4873 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 6:40 pm
4873 spacer

My account was deleted due to inactivity. Try /r/trackers
>> No. 4874 Anonymous
2nd December 2020
Wednesday 9:43 pm
4874 spacer
It turns out it was on archive.org. I used a DRM removal tool to obtain a copy.

Thanks to you lads that helped with this.

egg man thinking.jpg
>> No. 4603 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 7:33 pm
4603 spacer
As I understand it Aspect's experiment doesn't completely rule out hidden variables it just means that if they exist they must be non-local.

What's so bad about that? Maybe the hidden variables simply exist outside of spacetime. That's a lot more reasonable than observation "creating reality" or bazillions of parallel universes.
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>> No. 4618 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 1:23 pm
4618 spacer
Based on half remembered popular science I read when I was 13, I think it's more that any time an outcome is undetermined, when the result is observed, all outcomes happen in different universes, and this includes our thought processes and decision making.
>> No. 4619 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 6:54 pm
4619 spacer


That's not how infinity works. There are infinite numbers between the integrals 3 and 4, but none of them are 5.

With infinite probability you're assuming that you can reduce the problem to something akin to "if you play the lottery infinite times, you'll win the lottery infinite times". However, without a guaranteed source of entropy we can't assume that infinite universes would be in any way different to our own.
>> No. 4828 Anonymous
17th October 2020
Saturday 8:00 pm
4828 spacer

>> No. 4829 Anonymous
17th October 2020
Saturday 8:35 pm
4829 spacer
Why do you keep posting this woman?
>> No. 4830 Anonymous
17th October 2020
Saturday 8:40 pm
4830 spacer

He got lost en route to the guilty woulds thread.



>> No. 4822 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 11:01 pm
4822 spacer
In my early 20s I had to go on a course of antibiotics which seemed to coincide with IBS starting up. I've held the suspicion that the two might've been related in the sense that the antibiotics will have effected my gut biome. I got fluffy as well but that's more to do with being a greedy bastard.

Anyway, last week I had to start on a course of antibiotics again but this time the pharmacist managed to up-sell me some gut-bacteria pills to take with it. Do you think it was a silly purchase or do these things actually work? The science part of this thread is I will be able to tell you soon if they've worked.
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>> No. 4823 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 11:08 pm
4823 spacer
I wouldn't think over the counter capsules would be very effective, no, or at least no more so than drinking a Yakult every day. Seems like snake oil to me.

That said. Have you ever heard of a faecal transplant?
>> No. 4824 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 11:25 pm
4824 spacer
>faecal transplant

Not the OP, but I have - the whole thing is fascinating to me. I think it might actually validate some of the ideas/hypothesis around the gut biome - not saying "probiotics" are anything other than snake oil, but there is clearly something in the science we have yet to discover. Also, some of the work that people are doing behind gut biome and depression/mood - very interesting. But still a bit gross. Maybe there is something in that ice docking business?
>> No. 4825 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 11:53 pm
4825 spacer

The science is pretty well known, to be fair, just only to scientists. It's not yet at a stage where much practical can be done with it, or simple enough explanations trickled down to Joe public.
>> No. 4826 Anonymous
21st August 2020
Friday 12:42 am
4826 spacer

>That said. Have you ever heard of a faecal transplant?

A few months back we had a thread discussing the weaponization of faecal matter. The ultimate evolution in the martial arts.

On the contrary, in America you can now get paid $40 per donation at the local stool bank:

We've literally been flushing our money away!
>> No. 4827 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 12:30 am
4827 spacer
As I'm sure you've all been gripped with suspense regarding my bowel movements: I can report that things are running much better. That's nothing scientific but I've even been shagging my guts out this week by going back on huel with coffee with the side effects being much milder (just a bit of bloat).

I'd recommend it. Maybe I'll get some different types so there's an ongoing cycle of different bacteria and I'll see how it changes things.

>> No. 4809 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 11:22 pm
4809 spacer
Anybody watching this series?
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>> No. 4810 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 4:59 pm
4810 spacer
>> No. 4811 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 6:00 pm
4811 spacer
I have vaguely positive feelings about Mr Caroll, but that's about the extent of my opinion.
>> No. 4812 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 6:01 pm
4812 spacer
II'm interested to see how this'll get twisted into admiring girls that are too young.
>> No. 4820 Anonymous
7th May 2020
Thursday 9:50 pm
4820 spacer
I have asked the science man a question that he will answer in his next video.

>> No. 4821 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 8:15 am
4821 spacer

Screenshot_2020-05-11 The Biggest Ideas in the Uni.png


He tries to answer my question starting about 30:50 and ends up blabbing about Wittgenstein. Very unsatisfactory.

>> No. 4804 Anonymous
15th April 2020
Wednesday 1:50 am
4804 spacer
mkdir "01 Classical Mechanics" cd "01 Classical Mechanics" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL47F408D36D4CF129 cd .. mkdir "02 Quantum Mechanics" cd "02 Quantum Mechanics" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL701CD168D02FF56F cd .. mkdir "03 Special Relativity and Electrodynamics" cd "03 Special Relativity and Electrodynamics" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD9DDFBDC338226CA cd .. mkdir "04 General Relativity" cd "04 General Relativity" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpGHT1n4-mAvcXwzOIz3dHnGZaQP1LEib cd .. mkdir "05 Cosmology" cd "05 Cosmology" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpGHT1n4-mAuVGJ2E1uF9GSwLsx7p1xtm cd .. mkdir "06 Statistical Mechanics" cd "06 Statistical Mechanics" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpi18tMShZSAQFNTb8Ji7EgCFP9lXbkOe cd .. mkdir "07 Advanced Quantum Mechanics" cd "07 Advanced Quantum Mechanics" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpGHT1n4-mAsmMxmSX0LCaXIXT2PmU85m cd .. mkdir "08 Higgs Boson" cd "08 Higgs Boson" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" JqNg819PiZY cd .. mkdir "09 Quantum Entanglement" cd "09 Quantum Entanglement" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" http://youtube.com/view_play_list?p=A27CEA1B8B27EB67 cd .. mkdir "10 Relativity" cd "10 Relativity" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" http://youtube.com/view_play_list?p=5F9D6DB4231291BE cd .. mkdir "11 Particle Physics 1 Basic Concepts" cd "11 Particle Physics 1 Basic Concepts" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=768E1383EA79C603 cd .. mkdir "12 Particle Physics 2 Standard Model" cd "12 Particle Physics 2 Standard Model" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=8BCB4981DD1A0108 cd .. mkdir "13 Particle Physics 3 Supersymmetry and Grand Unification" cd "13 Particle Physics 3 Supersymmetry and Grand Unification" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpi18tMShZSBKLugjxRsN8U5MmILu1nBo cd .. mkdir "14 String Theory" cd "14 String Theory" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=A2FDCCBC7956448F cd .. mkdir "15 Cosmology and Black Holes" cd "15 Cosmology and Black Holes" youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3E633552E58EB230 cd ..

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>> No. 4805 Anonymous
15th April 2020
Wednesday 10:17 am
4805 spacer
Assuming this is bash(-style) scripting:
function mkcd(){mkdir $1; cd $1} (mkcd "01 Classical Mechanics" && youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL47F408D36D4CF129) (mkcd "02 Quantum Mechanics" && youtube-dl -f "best[height<=480]" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL701CD168D02FF56F) ... etc

There's probably an even better way to do it but this is much better already.
>> No. 4806 Anonymous
15th April 2020
Wednesday 10:21 am
4806 spacer
rm -rf youtube.com # go outside, nerd
>> No. 4807 Anonymous
15th April 2020
Wednesday 11:04 am
4807 spacer
rm -rf youtube.com rm: cannot remove 'youtube.com': Operation not permitted

>> No. 4808 Anonymous
15th April 2020
Wednesday 11:07 am
4808 spacer
>go outside
u wot m7

>> No. 4793 Anonymous
15th March 2020
Sunday 4:52 pm
4793 Have you seen this, lads? It's fucking nuts.
Will they beable to upload human consciousness - and copy them? Jesus christ, the human race will actually find a way.


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>> No. 4798 Anonymous
15th March 2020
Sunday 6:29 pm
4798 spacer
Fuck; google confirms it's a hoax. Just seems so real and conceptually possible.
>> No. 4799 Anonymous
16th March 2020
Monday 1:31 pm
4799 spacer
It's not a hoax. It's a science fiction film. It says as much in the video description.
>> No. 4800 Anonymous
16th March 2020
Monday 4:24 pm
4800 spacer
This thread's videos have been the "Big Vagina" scenes from Curb for a whole day.
>> No. 4801 Anonymous
16th March 2020
Monday 4:44 pm
4801 spacer
I haven't seen that today - what browser are you using?
>> No. 4802 Anonymous
16th March 2020
Monday 4:56 pm
4802 spacer
Firefox. The refresh after posting that though it fixed itself, so, whatever.

>> No. 4629 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 12:45 pm
4629 GS guide to fighting climate change
The problem of climate change can sometimes seem insurmountable. However, there are little things you can do which can have a big impact.

Easy mode
-If you have a workplace pension, consider changing your fund preferences into one that looks after the environment
-Use public transport over the car
-Have meat free Mondays, become a 'flexitarian'
-Switch to a renewable energy tariff. This way your energy only comes from renewable sources. There's one I've found called Octopus Energy which is quite competitive price wise.
-Grow your own veg/fruit
-Reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle (on waste/plastic)

-Cycle or walk to work
-Become vegetarian
-Insulate your house or upgrade to an environmentally friendly boiler
-Limit air travel to only a few holidays per year and don't fly long haul
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 4780 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 4:40 pm
4780 spacer

Can you recommended any oat milk brands?
>> No. 4781 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 5:10 pm
4781 spacer

It's piss-easy to make - one cup of rolled oats, three cups of water, blend for 30-40 seconds and strain through a coffee filter or a fine sieve. Add salt and/or sugar to taste. If it has a claggy porridge texture, you've blended for too long.
>> No. 4782 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 6:29 pm
4782 spacer

I like Partly the best, and it seems most people do because it keeps selling out at the local Sainsbury's. There's a 'full fat' version that's the best imo. I suppose the benefit to buying it is they add minerals to make it an actual milk substitute, if your diet would otherwise be lacking (as it probably would be if you're vegan).
>> No. 4788 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 9:02 pm
4788 spacer
How important is vermiculite?

Saw it on here https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/grow-your-own/vegetables/chilli-pepper
>> No. 4789 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 10:38 pm
4789 spacer

It acts as a water reservoir, so it'll help prevent the soil from getting either too wet or too dry. It's not necessary, but it'll improve your chances of success.

>> No. 4624 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 12:18 am
4624 spacer

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>> No. 4625 Anonymous
28th December 2019
Saturday 12:42 am
4625 spacer
This is not about climate change is it?

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