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>> No. 2809 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 5:33 pm
2809 power tools
I often dither over buying power tools, because I worry about how much they cost, and how many times I'll actually use it. Often though, one comes along which saves me so much time, even for a "quick" job, that the manual version makes no sense whatsoever anymore.

I like to use old fire doors to make desks - I have other wooden desks and shelves that in the past I have sanded by hand, but today I took delivery of a random orbital sander - LIFE CHANGING. I'm never manually sanding a worktop or shelf ever again.

Everyone should have a decent drill at least - whats your (new) favourite power tool?
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>> No. 2810 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 5:42 pm
2810 spacer
Not sure if it quite counts, but a pressure washer.
Got it mainly for my car, but fuck me it does a great job on the block paving, after wasting hours and hours trying to scrape out all the moss with hand tools and seeming to get nowhere.
>> No. 2811 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 5:59 pm
2811 spacer

It definitely counts. It's another example of something that also changed my life. I only bought a "small" one, but after a couple of go's, immediately realised why I should probably have spent even more and got a bigger one. I use mine for the car, the deck in the garden, and the paving slabs etc in the front garden.

Somehow, they're very satisfying things to use as the muck just comes off - saves tons of time and effort.
>> No. 2812 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 6:17 pm
2812 spacer
It's worth weighing up the cost of buying a tool for a bit of weekend shed maintenance versus the cost of hiring it from the likes of HSS, Speedy Services or Travis Perkins.

Although to be fair, I am still mulling the merits of buying my own belt sander to smooths off a door frame that I chiseled out after the door shut too snugly. I'd be grinding everything down if I bought one, and I do like the idea of having a smooth shiny pelvic area.
>> No. 2813 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 6:51 pm
2813 spacer
A decent impact wrench is basically a miracle tool if you've got rusty nuts.

Also you get to pretend that you're in a Formula 1 pit crew rather than changing a cracked torsion bar on your mam's Xsara Picasso. RONNIE PICKERING!
>> No. 2814 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 7:33 pm
2814 spacer

>>2812 Not a power tool, but I'm loving my new pointy stick.
6 foot long, weight 17lbs, sharp hardened blade on one end, rammer / tamper on t'other. When you need to cut through tree roots, smash bricks or concrete underground, pry and lever stuff, dig holes, it's the pointy stick of choice.
Of course, a day of chucking it around and lobbing it into the ground (where it sticks, quivering, for several seconds if you do it right) and your back / shoulders / arms know all about it.
£32 well spent.

Pressure washers are great! Be slightly wary of splashback, it's annoyingly easy to cover walls with blasted-off moss and grot that you then need to wash off.
>> No. 2815 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 7:42 pm
2815 spacer

>>2813 I've been less than fully impressed by my cordless one.
It's nice and handy, and great for easy stuff and getting screws out (impact driving means the bits don't cam out of the screws, they just hammer against the sides and unwind the screw nicely), but it's no use at all for rusted nuts, where I ted to just use a 4-foot breaker bar and big socket set.
>> No. 2816 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 2:07 am
2816 spacer
As someone who works on cars, bikes, the house, the shed etc a lot, an electric screwdriver is the one tool I never thought I'd need but now I could never do without. It's just a huge quality of life improvement over even the best ratcheting manual driver.

A cordless ratchet wrench is similarly luxurious, despite really just being an underpowered impact driver.
>> No. 2817 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 5:47 pm
2817 spacer

>electric screwdriver

How big is yours? (oo-err, etc). There used to be some that were quite chunky, like a small drill, but recently I've been very taken with the pen-size ones that seem to be coming on the market.
>> No. 2818 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 6:41 pm
2818 spacer

I have a chunky one, like you say, about a small drill - actually probably closer to a hot glue gun in size than anything else. The one I have is quite nice and is powerful enough to pull dodgy old screws out of hardwood and such, and it can take some bolts out too if they haven't been too torqued.

I like the idea of the ones you mention (I think I first saw them talked about here actually), but worry that it might struggle to deal with some of the more robust applications. If I spent all day doing electronics stuff I'd be all over the Wowstick, though.
>> No. 2819 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 6:59 pm
2819 spacer
Probably a bit basic but I really enjoy using the skillsaw. It makes big things into many smaller things. Bzzzt.
>> No. 2820 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 7:59 pm
2820 spacer
>If I spent all day doing electronics stuff I'd be all over the Wowstick, though.

I do. You're right, I need one right now. Thank you!!
>> No. 2821 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 10:15 pm
2821 spacer

honk portable vacuum cleaner.jpg
>It makes big things into many smaller things. Bzzzt.

If we're getting into the territory of things fun to use then I can recommend a portable vacuum cleaner that is shaped like and sounds like a raygun. Probably only powerful enough for cleaning the keyboard but I had to put it away to stop myself from playing with it.
>> No. 2822 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 1:07 pm
2822 spacer
Mate, I'm having one too. Only worry is if it will have enough torque for handling over-tight screws.
Hope you enjoy your commission from BIG WOWSTICK

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