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>> No. 2761 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 1:16 pm
2761 Elementary water Lego
Alright lads?

My toilet keeps running and no, I'm not going to catch it. All the tutorials I've looked up don't have this model of valves / sheaths and to make matters worse I can't seem to actually get at the interior components to check the flapper and adjust the float.

Any of you lot familiar with this odd set-up and how to fix it? No parts numbers or owt so I'd be Googling forever it seems.
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>> No. 2762 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 3:23 pm
2762 spacer
A lot of toilet cistern issues are due to limescale - that one seems quite clean though. There is usually some kind of "float valve" that turns the water off when it gets to a certain point. Check for limescale or obstructions around that.

White vinegar is one of the cheapest limescale removers you can find - it's about 30p for 500ml from any supermarket. Works wonders on descaling kettles, too.
>> No. 2763 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 4:31 pm
2763 spacer
I can't seem to get to the float valve. There are two fasteners as far as I can tell: the threaded red component on the fill valve and the screw on top of the handle. Fiddling with either of these doesn't get me any further into getting into the guts of the cistern to check for internal limescale build-up and such.
>> No. 2764 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 7:17 pm
2764 spacer
From your picture, I am guessing that the mostly-red bit to the top of your picture is the float valve - I would try pushing/pulling that red bit down and seeing if its fouled somewhere. From here, that looks like the bit which fills the cistern up, and is therefore part of the float valve, but I am guessing, so apologies in advance if this floods your bathroom and your toilet never works again.

On your picture, where is the handle connected to? That might help a bit to understand. I've never seen one like that though, usually they have a big "ball" bit on an arm, but yours looks much more modern.
>> No. 2765 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 8:56 pm
2765 spacer
Is it running as in, it's filling up until it's full but water keeps coming in. Or is it constantly trickling into the bowl?
>> No. 2766 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 9:23 pm
2766 spacer

I got 99 problems but a flush aint one.png
>>2765 (double posting, but couldnt stop myself digging)

You've got an ideal standard toilet, and apparently this is a common problem.

If the problem is that the float valve isn't shutting off when it's full, you can either take it apart and replace the seal (which costs about £10) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SV90167-Ideal-Standard-Armitage-Shanks-Inlet-Valve-Service-Kit-Repair-/252324363758
Or you can replace the entire float valve for the same price. And the one you replace it with will be longer lasting and has cheap seals readily available.

What I guess your problem is though is the flap valve not shutting when the cistern is empty. First step would be to just take the whole thing apart and clean the valve. I had trouble with one in the past when I'd used those cleaning tablets in the cistern, they leave a bit of sludge behind which clogged up the valve.
But you might need to replace the whole thing.
There's plenty of cheap reliable ones available but they're less straight forward than the float valves to replace. Check the dimensions carefully first.
>> No. 2767 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 7:50 pm
2767 spacer
You've done me a solid there, mate. I'll buy you a pint at le next epic .gs meetup.

Off down Screwfix tomorrow to poke around for the parts then time to take the tank off. I had no idea until now that toilets even came apart but it explains why I had no joy getting into the valve set-up.
>> No. 2768 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 8:31 pm
2768 spacer
If his problem's fixed, can anyone help with mine? Cistern's taking forever to fill up recently, only thing I can think of as changing is my neighbour having his water pressure fixed somehow, something to do with his boiler. Cistern's one of those button-press ones so I have no idea how to open it to poke inside. Do I have to call and pay for a new plumber or can I get the neighbour to call his back around as it seems to be him what broke it.
>> No. 2769 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 9:22 pm
2769 spacer
If it's a push button one, the housing around the button itself usually rotates and then comes off - then you can lift the top off the cistern itself and you'll probably have the exact same picture as the OP.

Are you seeing low-pressure elsewhere in the house? The kitchen tap is usually direct to the mains source and will indicate if you have a problem there.
>> No. 2770 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 9:49 pm
2770 spacer
I'll have a poke around, cheers. Could be the spring in the float valve has gone floppy or something.

The taps may be slightly lower pressure than they used to be but not so much that I thought of it until you mentioned it.
>> No. 2771 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:07 pm
2771 spacer

Right. When it's low on water, or I push down on part A, water sprays in a pathetic way out of part B towards part C. Judging by the way it looks, it's not supposed to come out of there. It seems more like the right way for it to go is out part S but can't and the pressure's forcing it out some sort of gap. Part C doesn't seem to rotate easily and I don't want to force it without knowing I should. I shoved a nail into part S and it doesn't seem to be blocked, at least not unless it's blocked around a corner or something.
>> No. 2772 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:15 pm
2772 spacer
Now this one looks a lot gunkier than the OP - so I would suggest white vinegar / descaling all over it for a start; it could just be a bit dirty/sticking somewhere. You can also get the bleaching tablets which will stop that happening, or the ones which make your water blue when you flush, which also help keep it all cleaner.

Is part A push down only, does it rotate? Is all this the only thing in the cistern, or is there another bit in there?
>> No. 2773 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:17 pm
2773 spacer
Oh and one more thing - is your neighbour an upstairs/downstairs flat-type neighbour, or someone literally next door?
>> No. 2774 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:29 pm
2774 spacer
I managed to get the white cap off but there's just what looks like an overflow pipe out inside it. Not sure how I'm going to get vinegar to stay anywhere on the thing but I can spray it down with it.
Neighbour is the same building, same water connection.
>> No. 2775 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:30 pm
2775 spacer
The main part of the button is to the left of that structure. Oh and part A rotates to adjust the height of the ballcock, which is that white box at the water level of the structure.
>> No. 2776 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:56 pm
2776 spacer
Think I improved the bits that came off with a brief vinegar soak, will do a longer one when I'm home alone. Cheers.

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