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>> No. 1977 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 7:59 pm
Help me please. I have an infestation of slugs in my bedroom. I live at ground floor, with a small garden in front. Every morning I found mucus trails every goddamn where. I tried putting insecticide, pouring salt all around the window, taking everything even remotely edible out of the room. Nothing goddamn works. No help is coming from the landlord, he's a CENSORED and he does not care about you unless you are a fellow CENSORED.
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>> No. 1978 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 8:03 pm
1978 spacer
Befriend them. Learn their terminally chill way of life.
>> No. 1979 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 8:10 pm
1979 spacer
Pretend to be a bird, they don't like birds.
>> No. 1981 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 8:20 pm
1981 spacer

I had the same problem when I was living in student digs. They were getting in through the gas metre box which was in my room.
Also, slugs apparently make a loud clicking noise which regularly woke me up. That wasn't pleasant in the slightest, never mind the slime trails.

What sort of insecticide are you using? You can buy proper slug/snail killers, which come in either pellets or as a liquid you dilute in a watering can. I suggest to get the water on version and cover the whole of the front of your house, including both the garden and all the brickwork/foundations around the house. Although it's possible they're living in your brickwork or under the floorboards somewhere, in which case this wouldn't help. Even if they are coming in from outdoors each night, you'd need to apply the slug killer every week or so.

You can also get some repellents like this which may or may not help, but they're fairly expensive, and again, you would probably need to keep using them regularly.

Make sure you don't leave any rubbish in your room at all, get a waste bin and empty it every night, and vacuum thoroughly at least once a week to make sure there aren't even a few crumbs to eat which could attract them.

Lastly I'm guessing your house has severe damp problems. Slugs won't even bother coming into your house unless it's at least a little humid, and any mould will also attract slugs as a food source. A decent dehumidifier would be a good investment. Proper full-sized dehumidifiers are fairly expensive to buy, and need a few hundred watts of electric to run too, but if your house is very damp using one will make it more comfortable to live in as well as improve your health and general well being.
>> No. 1982 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 8:21 pm
1982 spacer
I saw one in my bathroom earlier, so I grabbed it with some toilet paper and flushed it.

As for an infestation I'm not sure. In the house my mum used to live she and her partner had quite a serious problem that was only solved after they had their bathroom redecorated.
>> No. 1984 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 9:33 pm
1984 spacer
My god that sounds terrifying OP. I wouldn't have thought indoor conditions would be anywhere remotely appealing to them. Unless you live in damp fetid squalor. Do you live in damn fetid squalor?
>> No. 1985 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 9:43 pm
1985 spacer
If his landlord is a Joe then it's a very real possibility.
>> No. 1986 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 6:44 am
1986 spacer

Not in fetid squalor, but the house is quite damp.
>> No. 1988 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 8:51 pm
1988 spacer

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 20.48.16.png
Lad, I speak as one of the resident vegans which means you need to heed my words carefully and consider the moral context I give you them. POISON THE FUCKERS.

Give no quarter. I too have suffered from a similar plague in a rented house. Your first problem is that the house you're in is damp and that is attracting them. A bottle of poison such as I show here is about £4 from B&Q or other home/garden/DIY store. Spread it about outside your house in the back garden near the doors, windows and near any holes you can find.

Poison is the only way. You'll never win, but you can at least control the problem and stop them breeding, slightly. Salt, copper, all the rest of it is pissing in the wind.
>> No. 1991 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 1:28 am
1991 spacer

You lookin' to jive?
>> No. 1992 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 11:35 am
1992 spacer

Thanks, mate.

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