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>> No. 4917 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 6:01 pm
4917 spacer
Sounds like the knob-jockeys need to man up.

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>> No. 9136 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 1:42 pm
9136 spacer

One lion, one lioness and a cub-on-the-shirt,
Unite to form the new Englaaand,
Who knew it could get any worse,
For everyone at-every-level-of-footballing,
>> No. 9137 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 2:47 pm
9137 spacer
Cubs are lions too!

Wonder if this will be a gateway for people to understand why distinguishing between cis women and trans women isn't transphobic.
>> No. 9138 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 6:31 pm
9138 spacer

Get back to mumsnet, Graham.
>> No. 9139 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 7:01 pm
9139 spacer
I'm not clicking that link, but from the URL, does The Telegraph think someone has to be 'offended' before you decide to make something more inclusive?
>> No. 9140 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 7:23 pm
9140 spacer
Not them, and I'm going to join this trend of not clicking on telegraph links, but this all seems wrong because it wasn't exclusive to begin with; it's 3 heraldric lions, not 3 white men from Hastings.

It's turning something that was neither exclusive nor inclusive, offensive nor inoffensive. It co-opts the original icon as a vehicle for delivering a very contemporary message. It's like America saying it's the greatest country or throwing the flag around - it's us using a national icon to say we're inclusive because apparently words speak louder than actions. Fuck that, how about not co-opting icons and instead actually doing something meaningful?

>> No. 9103 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:14 pm
9103 spacer
>Super League: Why are football's biggest clubs starting a new tournament?

>Twelve clubs have signed up to the ESL - six of them from the English Premier League. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, would join AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid.

>The founding clubs want a new midweek competition with teams continuing to compete in national leagues. The ESL would have 20 teams. Of these, the 12 founding members - plus three more yet to join - would be permanent members and would never face relegation. Five other sides would be expected to qualify on an annual basis. The new league would rival the current Champions League competition, one of the biggest club tournaments in world football.

>The move has been condemned by fans, pundits and by most football bodies not involved. With 15 teams in the ESL not facing the prospect of qualification or relegation, critics say it will create a closed shop at the top of football. The Premier League says it "attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit".

>Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said that the plans threatened the pyramid structure of English football, "where funds from the globally successful Premier League flow down the leagues and into local communities". There's also the fear that the ESL would draw huge global TV audiences away from existing leagues such as England's Premier League and Italy's Serie A.

What's all this about then and why is the PM getting involved, pretend your explaining it to your girlfriend who is only watching because Casualty is on after.
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>> No. 9127 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 5:05 pm
9127 spacer
Did you report this? Do you want me to delete it so you can fix your typo? You never said in the report message.
>> No. 9128 Anonymous
21st April 2021
Wednesday 5:13 pm
9128 spacer
I was just blindly clicking and assumed the button was "delete" quite foolish given how long I haven't been able to delete posts... . But, no, it doesn't matter, thanks.
>> No. 9130 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 9:49 pm
9130 spacer
I know no one cares anymore, but I've got some shit to say. One of the arguments I've heard from the creeps who wanted this Superleague, though it's been around for a while now, is that young people are turning off from football because matches are "too long" and are instead opting to watch clips on Twitter and YouTube. I find this irritating because the powers that be have made football as difficult as possible to watch and if you aren't willing to or able to fork out for a subscription or three to watch the games you're shit out of luck. Things have been eased somewhat in this regard by measures undertaken during the pandemic, but I can't stress how much it irks me to hear the forces of arch-capitalism whinge that fewer and fewer people are willing to scramble across their massive West Bank wall sized barrier to entry. Not only that but they then decide that the best thing to do is make the "product" even more exclusive and hard to access. I've no doubt the Superleague would have resulted in matches being played at all kinds of silly times so the rights could be sold more easily internationally too.

None of you like football and this story's fading into the distance a bit, Old Trafford scrapping aside, but this is one of those things that kept going around and around in my brain so I wanted to get it out somewhere.
>> No. 9131 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 11:52 pm
9131 spacer
>>I can't stress how much it irks me

>> No. 9132 Anonymous
3rd May 2021
Monday 12:54 am
9132 spacer
That's a very valid point. I also find the whole thing slightly suspect, with all media outlets being absolutely 100% unquestioningly on the side of FIFA and UEFA, the cartoonishly corrupt greed-obsessed psychopaths who awarded the next World Cup to Qatar and who refuse to speak out about the fact the stadiums for that tournament will be entirely built from dead slaves. Of course I accept that the European Super League was a big smelly poopoo of an idea, but if we can't find anyone to stick up for it, then FIFA and UEFA have carte blanche to do whatever they want, really.

>> No. 4724 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 3:29 pm
4724 Hullfa.gs
What a tense 24 hours this has been for us Tigers! Prospects for next seasons, any pointers from fellow Hullfa.gs on who to sign?
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>> No. 8972 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 2:33 am
8972 spacer
Ta for that, I'll let No Plan McCann know in the morning.
>> No. 8973 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 10:35 pm
8973 spacer

>The fans counting down to 19:04 before they start the City Til I Die gave me chills down my spine. Allam's been trying all sorts to stop that, the other game he turned the screen with the clock on off for a minute around the 19th minute and last week he had the clock made tiny so you could barely read it, which I believe is where the countdown came from.

Got no idea what this is going on here but I'm really curious, what's the relevance of 19:04 and why is Allam trying to stop it?
>> No. 8974 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 10:56 pm
8974 spacer

Formed in 1904. It's used as a protest song against the proposed change from Hull City to Hull Tigers.
>> No. 9102 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 5:43 pm
9102 spacer

Do you reckon we'll win League One? It would be the first actual league title since 1966.
>> No. 9129 Anonymous
27th April 2021
Tuesday 8:53 pm
9129 spacer

In the bag, hullfa.g. We should be beating Wigan, and probably Charlton as well with current form. Peterborough have to play Lincoln and Donny, so our nearest neighbours in the league could give us a hand.

>> No. 9099 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 5:27 pm
9099 spacer
I have a couple of invites going to a decent boxing torrent tracker, if anyone is interested.

Ideally I'd appreciate an invite to MMA tracker in exchange, but if not and you just love boxing, set up a temp e-mail or similar.
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>> No. 9100 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 5:36 pm
9100 spacer
I don't know, mate... sounds a bit gay.
>> No. 9101 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 5:39 pm
9101 spacer

To each their own.

Fabio Capello1.jpg
>> No. 3698 Anonymous
8th February 2012
Wednesday 10:24 pm
3698 spacer
Goodnight, sweet prince.
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>> No. 8298 Anonymous
18th May 2018
Friday 1:48 pm
8298 spacer
Five midfielders and eleven defenders is kind of shocking, I imagine they're going 5-2-3 or 5-3-2.
>> No. 8299 Anonymous
18th May 2018
Friday 4:18 pm
8299 spacer

Apparently that Trent lad can play midfield. Err, as seen in Liverpools away match against Roma...
>> No. 8300 Anonymous
18th May 2018
Friday 5:09 pm
8300 spacer
There's no wingers in the squad. It'll be a 3-5-2 with the wide positions covered by full-backs bombing forward.
>> No. 9097 Anonymous
31st March 2021
Wednesday 10:04 pm
9097 spacer

It's coming home, lads. Euro 2021 won't no wots hit it.
>> No. 9098 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 12:07 am
9098 spacer
It'll be nice when the tournament starts and I start supporting England again. I've noticed that while I cheer for England in actual World Cups and Euros, I always want them to lose during the qualifying stages, just for banter and because I want San Marino and Albania to shit all over ITV's Union Jack bunting and general delusional arrogance.

>> No. 8825 Anonymous
5th May 2019
Sunday 4:23 pm
This man is going to be the next snooker world champion and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 9092 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 5:02 am
9092 spacer

Christ, get a hobby. such as playing pool
>> No. 9093 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 9:06 am
9093 spacer
Why would you necro a thread just to make it clear you didn't understand what was going on two years ago?
>> No. 9094 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 10:23 am
9094 spacer

Read the timestamps, blindlad.
>> No. 9095 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 10:37 am
9095 spacer
>> No. 9096 Anonymous
28th March 2021
Sunday 10:46 am
9096 spacer

Have your text-to-speech read it out for you then.

>> No. 9084 Anonymous
19th January 2021
Tuesday 11:03 pm
9084 Fantasy Football
Any of you play Fantasy?

Got obsessed making spreadsheets for it. I imagine there's also some appeal for fans of football. Enjoying the double game week? Still in the cup? Captained Stones?

For those not in the know, you pick a team of 15 players who get points for goals and the like, and watch them disappoint you for 38 weeks.

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>> No. 9086 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 10:00 am
9086 spacer

I just realised that you explain exactly what it is in the OP, but I cannot delete the post. I will accept my shame.
>> No. 9087 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 10:02 am
9087 spacer
>I never fully grasped the concept of reading more than two lines into a post
>> No. 9088 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 10:54 am
9088 spacer
I generally set a team and then forget to make any changes for the rest of the season. I play a (slowly dying) online football manager game but that's about it.
>> No. 9089 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 2:11 pm
9089 spacer

Glad you couldn't delete it. Basically if no-one's ever explained it and you've not looked into it, it might seem a bit complicated. It's just looking at individual player performances rather than teams. If you've got a striker, say Harry Kane and Spurs concede 6 goals, it doesn't touch his points, but Spurs keeper would get negative points.

You've got a budget, players have a cost, you purchase them at that cost and then they're awarded points for a few different things, depending on their position. While it's split into 38 'Game Weeks', of arbitrary length, you sometimes have two fixtures in a GW as you can see in the screenshot.

It's mainly fun when you can chat shit with people about it. Competing for any real prizes is a bit too much, but revelling in the misery of those close to you is really fun. The reddit community is saturated with frustration and gloom, it's great.

In a mini-league with some friends of my lass, and the lowest score has to get a nipple piercing for 3 months. Last years forfeit was doing a stand-up set, which was a bit more imaginative...

Sounds healthier than the alternative. Is it like a Football Manager online kind of thing?
>> No. 9090 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 2:53 pm
9090 spacer

Xpert Eleven, which probably peaked around 10 years ago. It's fairly simplistic in that all you really need to do is develop your squad and set tactics for each match, but there's not too many options to get bogged down in. It's been quite neglected by its owners so there hasn't been any meaningful updates to the game in years, so it feels quite dated.

There's around 12,000 users these days, although I'd wager a fair few of those are inactive, with about half of these Swedish. The main forums were killed by overzealous moderation and a lot of the ones remaining are alt-right fruitcakes.

>> No. 3181 Anonymous
25th March 2011
Friday 8:06 am
3181 Vroom
F1 2011.

Red Bull look boss, as usual.

Mclaren looked shite in testing (but as of now as fast in practice at the first gp)

Ferrari look about the same.

Tyres probably key to the whole deal this year.

Anyone else watching?
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>> No. 9068 Anonymous
22nd December 2020
Tuesday 7:12 am
9068 spacer
He made it abundantly clear he wasn't interested and told people not to vote for him.
>> No. 9069 Anonymous
22nd December 2020
Tuesday 10:51 am
9069 spacer

Which shows just how boring the British public have become. Threatening legal action to be removed from the awards shortlist is infinitely more interesting than anything Hamilton has ever done. We saw a perfect opportunity to make a mockery of the whole thing and chose the totally dull option instead. No craic.
>> No. 9070 Anonymous
22nd December 2020
Tuesday 11:03 am
9070 spacer
Well, Mr. Charisma Andy Murray has won it three times. The British public are fucking idiots.
>> No. 9071 Anonymous
22nd December 2020
Tuesday 11:45 am
9071 spacer
Mr Murray is not boring, he just has a dry sense of humour.
>> No. 9072 Anonymous
22nd December 2020
Tuesday 12:48 pm
9072 spacer

The impression I get from Murray is that he's so dedicated to his sport that he is indifferent to, and maybe even resents, the personality/celebrity aspect of things.

>> No. 9061 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 9:17 pm
9061 spacer
Qatar to join European qualifying for 2022 World Cup

Qatar will be involved in Uefa's qualifying for the 2022 World Cup the country are hosting, and are set to be placed in one of the five-team groups. The idea will be to balance out the groups and also give the hosts essential preparation games ahead of a landmark event for the country's football culture.

Sources state it is most likely Qatar will be placed in Group A - featuring Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Serbia and Azerbaijan - although negotiations could yet them be put in Groups B, D or E.

The move comes after negotiations between the AFC and Uefa, and isn't the first time the 2022 hosts have been involved in such a move across confederations. They have participated in the Copa America in 2019, and are set to be invited back in 2021. They will also take part in the Concacaf Gold Cup, as the home federation seeks to have a team capable of qualifying for the knock-out stages of their own World Cup.


Fuck Qatar.
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>> No. 9062 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 9:54 pm
9062 spacer

>> No. 9063 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 10:18 pm
9063 spacer

I thought the idea of getting extra acclimatisation to different styles of football from around the world, not to mention a taster of how all aspects of logistics of holding a large international tournament work out, was fulfilled by the Confederations Cup, which was abolished for some reason.

But yeah, this entire World Cup is complete shithouse and I am finding it extremely hard to get enthusiastic about this Blatter/Hammam stitch-up. The only amusing detail about it was Chuck Blazer's 2 apartments in Trump Tower, one of which was for his cats to live in.
>> No. 9064 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 11:48 pm
9064 spacer
You lads are too cynical. This regularly happens in Copa America competitions, and has been happening since the 90s. Japan and Qatar took part in those too, with Australia to be included in 2021 competition. It is usually done to even out the numbers.
>> No. 9065 Anonymous
10th December 2020
Thursday 12:55 am
9065 spacer
I understand that, but the only reason Qatar have been to the Copa America and why they're gaining match experience in the European qualifiers is because they bought themselves a World Cup no one, outside of FIFA, wanted them to have. It'll be fine, ultimately, because it's a World Cup and even the shit ones are memorable because they happen so infequently, but it's been built upon the backs of slaves in a country which bribed its way there. I'm sure they aren't the first to offer a bung to FIFA, but it's just so nakedly obvious this time around. First African WC in 2010, still noteworthy, Brazil? THE footballing nation, Russia, bribery yes, but there's a footballing history there, like the two centre backs they had dating from the Mesozoic era. Qatar just stretches all credulity AND they're a load of bastards too. Oh, and it's so hot there it'll have to take place in the winter so enjoy getting everyone round for BBQ in 5C tempratures and lashing rain.
>> No. 9066 Anonymous
10th December 2020
Thursday 7:30 am
9066 spacer
Teams invited to the Copa America tend to have links to the continent; Mexico and the USA are geographically close, Japan has more emigrants in Brazil than anywhere else in the world and there's links across the Pacific to the antipodes. As otherlad said, Qatar have bought themselves a World Cup and now they're shitting the bed trying to scramble competitive gametime for them because they're going to embarrass themselves with how poor they are.

>> No. 9039 Anonymous
8th December 2020
Tuesday 12:53 pm
9039 spacer
>Breaking - a competitive form of breakdancing - has been confirmed as part of the final line-up for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

>It will join surfing, skateboarding and climbing, which will be retained after debuts at the delayed Tokyo Games in 2021.


No room for squash but room for breakdancing.
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>> No. 9056 Anonymous
8th December 2020
Tuesday 8:15 pm
9056 spacer
Glad we had a couple of wars to thin our their ranks a little.
>> No. 9057 Anonymous
8th December 2020
Tuesday 8:20 pm
9057 spacer
Hang on, depending on the games this was the Messenian or Beor wars?
>> No. 9058 Anonymous
8th December 2020
Tuesday 8:39 pm
9058 spacer

Sounds more exciting than fucking breakdancing.

Who honestly thought this was a good idea?
>> No. 9059 Anonymous
8th December 2020
Tuesday 9:08 pm
9059 spacer
They're a bit backwards in France. They're probably only up to the episodes in Neighbours where Stingray learns breakdancing so thought it was what the youth are all in to.
>> No. 9060 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 4:01 pm
9060 spacer
It's not in the Olympics mate. Compare Olympic Boxing to Pro Boxing, it's a completely different game. Olympic Football vs. Pro Football, Olympic Basketball vs. NBA etc etc.

I guess if rhythmic gymnastics is in the Olympics, why shouldn't BBoying be?


>> No. 8983 Anonymous
15th October 2020
Thursday 11:08 pm
8983 What sports do we like then?
I'm a big fan of Hull City, I'm a big fan of Hull KR, I enjoy watching ODI and Test Cricket,T20 and the IPL can get to absolute fuck as far as I'm concerned.

The thing about ODI cricket is that there's enough time in the 50/50 for the pitch to deteriorate, the ball to get knackered, and fellas stood out in the sunny weather to get knackered. Swing of the ball changed by a minute etc.. It's a perfect blend for watchability. I'd happily give up 5 days to get tickets for all days of a Test match against any team really capable of the form. I'd happily give up 2 days for a ODI against a team capable of the form (hangover).

What sports do you nerds actually like? Let's get things going in here. I've not seen a Nawf Lahndan Dawbee scrap in a while.
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>> No. 9011 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 11:22 am
9011 spacer

Strength v Dexterity. I'd watch it with an Ultimate Surrender twist where most of the time the athletic woman turns the bloke into her sextoy but occasionally he wins and humiliates her like it's Jabba's Palace.
>> No. 9013 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 3:47 pm
9013 spacer

If you liked that you might like the only funny cracked article ever written.

>> No. 9014 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 3:51 pm
9014 spacer

Can you link to it?
>> No. 9015 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 4:03 pm
9015 spacer

I... Did?
>> No. 9016 Anonymous
30th November 2020
Monday 6:34 pm
9016 spacer
Seanbaby's articles about Japanese MMA frek fights are always a good chuckle, this one is very apt https://www.cracked.com/blog/how-mma-proved-that-bigger-guy-usually-loses-horribly/

>> No. 8896 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:59 am
8896 spacer
I started cycling when the lockdown started and my fitness levels have reached a point where I now actually look forward to cycling every day, so I'm looking to upgrade my bike to something a bit faster.

I currently have a touring bike with flat handlebars that weighs about 16.5kg and I think I'd like something lighter and racier with drop handlebars. What can I get for around £300 or less on the used market? Are there any good places to look for bikes aside from ebay/gumtree/facebook?
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>> No. 8946 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 6:09 pm
8946 spacer


>Cheers lads.

>> No. 8975 Anonymous
27th July 2020
Monday 7:56 pm
8975 spacer
Does cycling workout your upper body and arms, as well as legs? Initially I thought not but if you're pulling against the handle bars to push into the pedals more it must do something, right?
>> No. 8976 Anonymous
27th July 2020
Monday 7:58 pm
8976 spacer
Whoops, forgot to let you all know how it worked.

It's still attached to the bike, and makes it change direction, so that's all you can hope for, really.
>> No. 8977 Anonymous
27th July 2020
Monday 8:01 pm
8977 spacer

Riding a bike can be very good for your core - many newer riders suffer numb hands or hand pain because they're leaning their upper body weight on the bars instead of supporting themselves with their core. It'll do a little bit for your arms, as you say, when out of the saddle or pedalling hard uphill you will be giving your arms a little bit of resistance training, but not much. Mountain biking is a different story, though.
>> No. 8978 Anonymous
28th July 2020
Tuesday 4:29 pm
8978 spacer
Bozza says doctors are going to be giving bikes away for free!

>> No. 8959 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 10:41 pm
8959 Liverpool are Champions
Klippety Klopp has done it, on account of Man City under baldy boy Guardiola failing to get 3 points from Chelsea.
30 years since their last top flight title, first Premier League title? It's a massive shame they couldn't do it back when they had a proper flair player like Djibril Cissé.
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>> No. 8963 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 10:07 pm
8963 spacer
Yeah, I'm likely in a minority but I prefer hearing the ball being struck and managers having a good shout. At least that's novel, the fake crowd noise feels exactly that, fake.
>> No. 8964 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 11:26 pm
8964 spacer

Another thing that's missing is the occasional "COME ON YOU TWAT" or similar from someone in the first row.
>> No. 8965 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 12:43 am
8965 spacer
Perhaps they could let ten or so fans into the whole stadium just for that.
>> No. 8966 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 10:03 am
8966 spacer
My favourite exercise is winding players up as they take corners, nowt offensive or owt, just stuff like me saying their name in an annoying way a couple of times, then saying their mum's on the phone and wants to know if [insert player name here] wants turkey twizzlers or margherita pizza for tea.

It all adds to the experience and entertainment factor.
>> No. 8967 Anonymous
29th June 2020
Monday 10:13 pm
8967 spacer
Sometimes you can hear the players now.


>> No. 4998 Anonymous
27th August 2013
Tuesday 12:41 am
4998 Wrestling thread
Here's your wrestling thread. I expect lots of YouTube videos of botches and Cena hating... I would also like more stories along the lines of how Orton shat in a handbag.

Pic is Dean Ambrose at czw getting sawed... Just like real wraslin' should.
127 posts and 11 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 8953 Anonymous
29th May 2020
Friday 7:39 pm
8953 spacer

I normally respect rather than enjoy wrestling, but that was a beautiful bit of physical theatre.
>> No. 8954 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 1:42 am
8954 spacer
Orange Cassidy makes no sense as a pro-wrestler as I understand it, his gimmick shouldn't work, but it does and kids love him. Guy is gonna be a star, because he has "it" whatever "it" is.
>> No. 8955 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 2:00 am
8955 spacer
This post aged well.
>> No. 8956 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 10:47 pm
8956 spacer

That video was adorable.
>> No. 8957 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 11:16 pm
8957 spacer


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