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>> ID: 3990e4 No. 15320 Anonymous
8th April 2020
Wednesday 6:02 pm

ID: 3990e4
15320 spacer
When I click view on the >>news/23797 Corona virus thread it only shows up to post 23868 but otherwise if I click expand then it displays everything up to post 23895.

That said, if I check the >>shed/13515 silly sausage thread and click view then it shows the entire thread - so I think something has broke on the news board.

I am using Firefox 64bit v75 on Windows 10.
Same thing happens on whatever version of safari iPads are on these days.
Expand all images.
>> ID: b3157d No. 15321 Anonymous
8th April 2020
Wednesday 6:10 pm

ID: b3157d
15321 spacer
I get this issue when viewing the last 50 posts of a thread sometimes, if I refresh the page it loads the rest though.
>> ID: b3b834 No. 15322 Anonymous
8th April 2020
Wednesday 6:41 pm

ID: b3b834
15322 spacer
Seconding this, the exact same.
>> ID: 607023 No. 15323 Anonymous
8th April 2020
Wednesday 6:43 pm

ID: 607023
15323 spacer
When opening a new thread it brings up the cached version instead of the new version. If you just leave it open it automatically updates itself eventually.
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 15324 Anonymous
8th April 2020
Wednesday 7:51 pm

ID: ec74d0
15324 spacer
This thread looks just like any other thread on * instead of having the shed background to it. Chrome and FF.
>> ID: 09908d No. 15325 Anonymous
8th April 2020
Wednesday 8:49 pm

ID: 09908d
15325 spacer

Same, particularly after I post in a thread then reopen the last 50 posts. I can't comment on the backend of this site but usually problems that are resolved with a page refresh are a browser (cache) issue.
>> ID: 867051 No. 15326 Anonymous
9th April 2020
Thursday 1:49 am

ID: 867051
15326 spacer
Same for me on >>news/23522. On /sfw/ it shows up properly, but once I open the thread it stops at >>news/23706. It very much smells like a caching issue.
>> ID: 867051 No. 15327 Anonymous
9th April 2020
Thursday 1:59 am

ID: 867051
15327 spacer
And yep, if I leave it open it updates itself properly.
>> ID: d896de No. 15329 Anonymous
9th April 2020
Thursday 7:56 am

ID: d896de
15329 spacer
To link cross-board it's >>/news/23706.

It's obviously a caching issue because these are static HTML files. I'm sure many of us have known about it for months.
>> ID: 867051 No. 15330 Anonymous
9th April 2020
Thursday 9:09 pm

ID: 867051
15330 spacer
Thanks! If it's been known for months that's a bit worrying. I just assumed purple would get a niggle in his brains if something was broke with brian. I m/A/y be projecting, of course.
>> ID: 662c15 No. 15331 Anonymous
9th April 2020
Thursday 9:18 pm

ID: 662c15
15331 spacer
I never knew URLs were case sensitive. Weird.
>> ID: d004e2 No. 15333 Anonymous
3rd May 2020
Sunday 7:27 am

ID: d004e2
15333 spacer
Yeah looking at it - I think the server needs some updates, will do them this morning before the pair of you get up.
>> ID: e7fd01 No. 15334 Anonymous
3rd May 2020
Sunday 7:30 am

ID: e7fd01
15334 spacer
Okay all done.
>> ID: d1af4b No. 15346 Anonymous
24th May 2020
Sunday 7:15 pm

ID: d1af4b
15346 spacer
I didn't want to start a new thread for something so trivial, but is there any possibility that Brian could support .webp images? They're becoming the standard across much of the internet, so it's a bit of a pain to have to convert things.
>> ID: 09908d No. 15347 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 11:32 am

ID: 09908d
15347 spacer

not even a mod just a regular luddite, but vlc/ffpeg will convert your file to .mp4 on the commandline. BTW fuck webp it's entirely useless.
>> ID: 106fc5 No. 15348 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 11:43 am

ID: 106fc5
15348 spacer

.webp is an image format, although one I've only encountered while accidentally using the mobile version of websites. Tabletlad needs to just force the desktop version to get all his legacy formats back.
>> ID: 607023 No. 15349 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 11:54 am

ID: 607023
15349 spacer
>BTW fuck webp it's entirely useless.

It's a pretty good alternative to animated gifs, which are a bizarre inefficient dinosaur of a format.
But for stills though, yes it's utterly pointless. There's an argument that they save a bit of space when compared to an equivalent quality .jpg, but it's spare change in an age where every other website is packed full of autoplay videos.
>> ID: e417e3 No. 15350 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 12:18 pm

ID: e417e3
15350 spacer

Up until now I had assumed it was just some sort of image format DRM that stops me being easily able to save images off Google to repost on imageboards.
>> ID: 607023 No. 15351 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 4:04 pm

ID: 607023
15351 spacer

I'm not a computer magician but I think the only thing preventing them from working on Brian would be one line of code that contains the valid file types it will let you upload. Brian doesn't need to be able to decode the image itself, because that's done on our end in the browser, and that shouldn't be a problem for anyone who's updated their browser in the past 5-10 years.

Regarding DRM on images, one thing I've found that many websites do, either intentionally or otherwise, to stop people from being able to save images is to hide the image itself underneath a transparent layer so right clicking doesn't let you save the image. There is a workaround although it can be a bit of a pain in the backside, in Chrome, right click on the image and click "inspect", and using that function you can break the page down and find the url to the actual image.
>> ID: 607023 No. 15352 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 5:20 pm

ID: 607023
15352 spacer

*I just thought, adding in a new file type could possibly bugger up the scaling for thumbnails maybe?
>> ID: ce5a5e No. 15353 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 5:45 pm

ID: ce5a5e
15353 spacer
You can just delete the .webp bit, right? Is there another issue or am I posting on Mumsnet by mistake again?

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