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>> No. 4542 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 1:05 am
4542 spacer
This might be a stupid question but do I have to glue road bike tyres to the rim

They're not tubeless, just standard tyres.
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>> No. 4543 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 1:38 am
4543 spacer

There are three main types of bike tyre - tubular, clincher, and tubeless.

Tubular tyres are the older design, in which the tyre and inner tube are one singular unit, and this is the type that needs glued to the wheel - you probably don't have this unless you bought an older racing bike or wheelset, but it's worth mentioning so you know the difference. Some people still swear by them.

Tubeless are pretty self explanatory, they're basically clinchers without an inner tube, and it sounds like you know what they are so we can move on.

Clinchers are by far the most common, and consist of a tyre over a separate inner tube - the pressure of pumping up the inner tube presses the inside of the tyre onto the inside of the rim, hence 'clincher'. If that's what you mean by 'standard' tyres, then no, no glue is needed.

Assuming you have clinchers, there is a knack to fitting them if you've never done it, so I suggest watching a quick video on it if you're unsure, just to save you a bit of head scratching.

>> No. 4253 Anonymous
18th February 2019
Monday 6:32 pm
4253 Car and bike official weekend thread but also weekdays
Okay might as well try and be polite and keep the oil out of the other megathreads.

Welcome to the motor one. In an attempt to actually get people to post in it, tell me about the car you really want and could feasibly afford. Right now I'm really thinking a lot about a big square 80s Merc as we've been talking about them. Even a Lada would be fun as fuck.
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>> No. 4502 Anonymous
18th September 2020
Friday 9:15 pm
4502 spacer
That's a fine looking vehicle for the money.
>> No. 4503 Anonymous
19th September 2020
Saturday 1:24 am
4503 spacer
I've lately become a little bit fascinated with really old cars.


It's interesting to see sow much has changed and yet how much remains the same, and I always find it a little bit enchanting when pre-WW2 tech and machinery is still serviceable and usable today. It feels like it comes from an altogether different era of history.
>> No. 4539 Anonymous
18th January 2021
Monday 1:14 pm
4539 spacer
I'm afraid my Meriva has sensed my thoughts about its 'spongy' steering and decided to throw one of them EPS failures at me.

Luckily it's only popped up when I was parking at work this morning, and hadn't decided to spontaneously fix itself when it came to going home so I had a very invigorating drive home. Works the muscles.

Now I'm not sure what to do. I know Merivas have EPS problems as a matter of inevitability but I can't say I've had any prior issues with it, and I'm not sure if the previous owners did either. Most people describe it as being intermittent but mine just seems to have fucking given up completely, I start the car and the EPS light is either already illuminated or the steering wheel will have a spasm then turn off the EPS to save itself.

Main problem with this is that it's expensive to fix and I have no money (that I want to spend on a car). I also like my slow, ugly schoolrun car and wasn't planning on ditching it any time soon as I only do a few thousand miles a year.
>> No. 4540 Anonymous
18th January 2021
Monday 1:31 pm
4540 spacer

You could stick it up for sale for very slightly cheaper than one with working EPS and hope for the best, people with the inclination to do their own work might see it as a decent investment. It's a long shot but you lose nothing by popping an ad on gumtree really.

Other than that there's not much you can do - pull the EPS fuse and the car will continue to operate without power steering quite happily, though it's probably not the most pleasant ways to drive around.
>> No. 4541 Anonymous
18th January 2021
Monday 7:04 pm
4541 spacer

I drove my old car with dead power steering for a full year and a half before I flogged it. I eventually got used to it, and whenever I'd get in someone else's car and eventually my new new car, it felt like driving a light and weightless cloud. I think it was actually giving my arms a bit of a workout too, I had slightly better muscle definition that's gone away since.

>> No. 4526 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 10:31 am
4526 spacer
Is it true that own brand petrol from supermarkets gives you poorer fuel economy than say something from Esso or Texaco?
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>> No. 4534 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 3:48 pm
4534 spacer

She needs premium, dude! Premiuuuuuum!
>> No. 4535 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 3:52 pm
4535 spacer
I imagined that'd be the case, though the US octane scale is slightly different to ours - their '87' is our 95, meaning that it was still asking for our 98/100. Either way, I put the good shit in anyway since I only ever run it on unleaded if I really want to put my foot down or can't find LPG close. I fill it up at the Costco where it's the same price as normal fuel everywhere else.

It seems to understand fuel delivery somewhat as the MPG figures on the dash seem a bit lower when I'm on LPG, but that might just be confirmation bias as I'm not always staring at it. It does get confused though, since it's usually only running on LPG under heavy drain conditions (startup and heavy acceleration), it thinks half a tank of fuel will only get me about 20 miles.
>> No. 4536 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 3:53 pm
4536 spacer
s/running on LPG/running on unleaded/

Fuck's sake. Time to get off here and focus.
>> No. 4537 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 6:37 pm
4537 spacer
To me, it doesn't make much sense.

Supermarkets sell the product as cheap as possible to get people into the shop itself.
On the other hand, Shell/BP/Esso etc. have wafer-thin margins in urban areas and so whilst their prices are higher they make the product itself as low-quality as they can get away with because they need every last penny to turn a profit.

The premium fuels definitely have extra additives which might clean your engine, and the higher octane etc. might give better economy depending on your engine, but I don't believe that there is any difference at all between regular fuels.

However it is worth remembering that as fuel pumps measure volume, during a cold snap you can cram just a little bit more fuel by weight into the tank for the same price, but also I have heard that the refiners tweak the blends very slightly through the seasons to counteract this, as well as to control evaporation.
>> No. 4538 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 6:44 pm
4538 spacer

don't bother with redex, nowadays it's just kerosene with some red dye in since people get a bit antsy about some of the spicier chemicals that could be in there.
Get some of the cleaners sold by Forte instead, it's sold as a "trade use only" product, but it's easy enough to find online, and it gets well recommended by a lot of people in the trade who claim it can get cars through an MOT after failing emission checks.

toyota mr2.jpg
>> No. 4523 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 11:03 pm
4523 spacer
Should I spend some of my saved up dole money on a Toyota MR2 for around £2000? It seems like the ultimate sporty(ish) yet reliable car that you can get for £2000 or less. The only other car I can think of that can compete with it is the MX5 but it seems like they're getting more expensive because of the meme tax.

Are there any other cars I could consider if I want something sporty and reliable and don't need it to be particularly practical? I could possible stretch my budget to £4000 if it's a particularly badass car.
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>> No. 4524 Anonymous
4th January 2021
Monday 12:02 am
4524 spacer
The hivemind strikes again, because I've come to the same conclusion recently - I've had a couple of MX5's before and I love them, but I'm not going to pay three grand for a "mostly" rust free mk1.

As far as I can tell, the MK3 mr2 is massively overlooked, mostly just because it doesn't look at good or interesting as the two that came before it, and it's also a little underpowered because Toyota didn't want to piss on their Lotus deal by putting the Elise engine in it, though it's a simple enough swap for those inclined to a bit of wrenching.

It will be very reliable and I just can't see how it wouldn't be fun, I'm definitely going to get one. I've narrowed my search down to one from 2003 or up, that's the facelifted version, with 6 speed box instead of 5, and a few engine improvements that will help with reliability. Really the only thing to be worried about on the engine are the pre-cats, which can deteriorate and be sucked into the engine and cause damage - the facelift fixes this, but it's a quick and well advised job to look into doing anyway. But it's a toyota, it will run forever.

I can't really think of anything for 4 grand that would be any more fun for any less hassle, honestly - there will be nice Celicas, GTO/FTO or maybe even 200sx's in that range, but I wouldn't advise most of them because they probably won't be as well sorted as a MK3. Really if you want to spend 4 grand, find a nice Mk2 MR2, the 170bhp version - they're getting on in age but still feel like a proper sporty car, and you don't see a lot of them about they're a lot of fun, but finding a good example you will be spending at least 3 or 4k.

I have a feeling the MK3 will be noticed by more and more people in the coming years, as MX5s start to dwindle in numbers, and they'll shoot up in price.
>> No. 4525 Anonymous
4th January 2021
Monday 12:17 am
4525 spacer
I don't know anything about cars but I've always wanted an MR2 ever since I saw an MK1 about thirty fucking years ago. One day I'll get one and no doubt spin out and fuck myself into a lamppost thirty seconds later like Richard "The Hamster" Hammond because I have no idea how to drive a real car whose course isn't being constantly corrected by a dozen different computerised units .

>> No. 4504 Anonymous
8th December 2020
Tuesday 2:58 pm
4504 Tesla
Ever driven a Tesla? Are they any good?
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>> No. 4518 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 9:13 am
4518 spacer
It's Tesla, just about everything they do is cuntish.
>> No. 4519 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 9:18 am
4519 spacer

Tractors have had it for a while, sucking dry the general populous is the next logical step.
>> No. 4520 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 12:39 pm
4520 spacer
About ten years ago Elon Musk was being lauded amongst my nerdy friends as an incredible technological innovator and entrepreneur. I don't speak to those friends any more so I don't know if they have revised their opinion, but in the time since Musk seems to have done everything possible to destroy his public image. I would never consciously buy a product from this cunt.
>> No. 4521 Anonymous
9th December 2020
Wednesday 4:17 pm
4521 spacer

The premise underlying 'Glasshouse' by Charles Stross is that there was a cryptological culture war in the past (our future) and as a result nobody in the present (also our future) knows anything about what happened in the past (possibly also our future).

This thread makes me think of that episode of Silicon Valley.
>> No. 4522 Anonymous
11th December 2020
Friday 11:01 am
4522 spacer
Alright Mark, thought you were dead?

Dash Cam.png
>> No. 4468 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 2:50 am
4468 Dash Cam Grassers


Should dash cam uses report traffic crime? Is 1984 becoming more and more true as the years go by? Would love to hear your thoughts.
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>> No. 4471 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 9:02 am
4471 spacer
I've been intending to get a dash cam, particularly as I had a lorry drive into me and claim it was my fault a few years back, but I haven't got round to it it.

Uploading footage online for the sake of it is a bit weird though.
>> No. 4472 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 7:45 pm
4472 spacer
The lycra-clad vigilante who shopped stationary Guy Ritchie texting behind the wheel: Road safety warrior prides himself on having caught 358 drivers breaking the law in one year and being responsible for 574 points and £35,400 in fines


Imagine spending your life being this much of a snitch.
>> No. 4473 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 8:34 pm
4473 spacer
My dash cam's card deliberately only has an hour of storage space, such that I can never become of these twats who uploads shit to UK ROAD RAGE DASHCAM ACCIDENTS FUNNY 2021 COMPILATION #64 UK.

That said, SHITTING PEUGEOT is a quote I use very frequently.
>> No. 4496 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 10:28 am
4496 spacer
Alternately, he might encourage the offenders to not to do it again.
>> No. 4497 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 8:53 pm
4497 spacer

Some people try shit on because they think they can get away with it. When it turns out that they didn't, they are less likely to reflect on their incursion as they are apt to find the fucking cunt wot snitched on 'em and make their life hell.

>> No. 4474 Anonymous
10th August 2020
Monday 9:45 pm
4474 dutch roundabout in Cambridge
Good idea, or great idea?
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>> No. 4480 Anonymous
11th August 2020
Tuesday 3:14 pm
4480 spacer
I could have done it with a pole and some rope for half the price.
>> No. 4481 Anonymous
11th August 2020
Tuesday 3:19 pm
4481 spacer
I fail to see how lynching Eastern Europeans gets anyone a new roundabout.
>> No. 4482 Anonymous
11th August 2020
Tuesday 3:22 pm
4482 spacer
Cheap labour. Didn't that lad who used to post driveways on here hire a bunch of Slavs?
>> No. 4483 Anonymous
11th August 2020
Tuesday 6:02 pm
4483 spacer
Potentially a good idea if drivers understand it.

The biggest worry I have is that people in cars will assume they have the right of way exiting a roundabout, where cyclists will be going straight around without stopping. There's going to be at least a fair amount of near misses where cars slam their brakes on right before the crossing.
The other problem would be cars waiting to enter the roundabout blocking the cycle lanes, especially lorries.
>> No. 4484 Anonymous
11th August 2020
Tuesday 6:11 pm
4484 spacer
They've had to close it already because some numpty drove into a Belisha beacon.

Fuck's sake.

>> No. 4443 Anonymous
4th March 2020
Wednesday 8:47 am
4443 Just had my first accident
First accident in 23 years of driving. he went to pull away and then slammed on his brakes and we tapped.
I need new paint, he needs a new bumper possibly and paint.

I accept its fully my responsibility, but fuck, to break a record I was proud of on something so minor sucks.

Any of you ever been through an accident claim? what does it entail?

>> No. 4441 Anonymous
15th January 2020
Wednesday 10:44 pm
4441 spacer
How does one go about getting a good deal on car or motorbike insurance? I've always heard it was a good idea to call them up and try to play them off against each other, but when I tried that last year (must've called up 10 different insurers) none of them could give me a quote that even came close to the cheapest quote I got online.

I'm thinking of getting a new bike soon and should have a one years' no claims bonus when my current insurance runs out, but I actually get a cheaper quote if I pretend I don't have a NCB: £230 vs £300 a year. What's up with that? What kind of wonky logic are these insurance algorithms operating with?
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>> No. 4442 Anonymous
16th January 2020
Thursday 11:43 am
4442 spacer
Use online comparison shopping, be "creative" about your job title, see if adding an older relative as a named driver brings down your quote. Once you've found a cheap quote, take down the quote number, give the insurer a ring and have a go at haggling. If there's anything interesting about your car and/or bike (classic, modified etc) give Adrian Flux a ring.


>> No. 4431 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 2:32 am
4431 spacer
Alreet bike.gs

It's been a long time coming, but I think I'm finally going to get my CBT done and start riding. I know there's a couple of bikers here, any sage advice is much appreciated.

The plan is to buy a very, very cheap bike and commute on it all summer, while also doing training for the direct access category A tests. I am in no rush to jump on a superbike or even anything mid range for a good long while, I want to avoid the mistakes I made as a youth in cars, and learn how to actually fucking drive the things before I start reaching for the big boys. Besides, the whole point of the exercise to start with will be to save money and time on my commute, as driving a modified supercharged car in town and city traffic is neither economical nor quick.

I've a lot of cycling experience, which I'm hoping will translate to a bit of riding skill. I'm certainly aware of how to ride in traffic, and from MTB especially know the importance of weight transfer, countersteering, that sort of thing. I understand it's not a direct translation, but I'm hoping it'll help rather than hinder - right?

Mechanically, I'd call myself an advanced amateur, have been tinkering with cars for a while, and the prospect of being able to entirely take apart an old 125 bike in a shed with a few spanners is almost as exciting as riding the thing.

As such, my mate has steered me towards a Honda CG 125 or a Yamaha YBR125, the latter looking very much like a clone of the discontinued CG. A very old CG would be the dream, but it'll really just come down to whatever I can get for the least amount of money, as I plan to fix it up myself anyway, and possibly even mod it - I'm really quite in love with the brat/cafe racer look, and the CG is clearly a very popular platform for it. But I'm getting ahead of myself there.

Sorry, I'm rambling a bit, I'm just a bit excited about trying something new after being a Car Guy for so long, and looking at old bikes is just as fun as looking at old cars. Anyway - any advice? Have I missed anything? Would you recommend a bike other than the two I've mentioned? What should I expect from the CBT and more importantly, the proper test?
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>> No. 4434 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 6:40 am
4434 spacer
>I understand it's not a direct translation, but I'm hoping it'll help rather than hinder - right?

If you've done a lot of road cycling, you'll probably have a habit of riding well over to the left rather than taking the whole lane. Your CBT instructor will probably pick you up on it, but it's something to be aware of.

>Would you recommend a bike other than the two I've mentioned?

Any CG 125 derivative should be basically bulletproof. They're designed to be ridden into the ground in the worst third-world conditions. I'd advise you against a dirt bike because of the knobbly tyres and the tall seat, but a Suzuki GN/GZ 125 or a Kymco would also be a fine choice. Lexmoto make some startlingly cheap but slightly tinny CG 125 derivatives, but the parts are so cheap that it's no disaster if something goes wrong.

>Have I missed anything?

Get yourself a helmet with a five star SHARP rating. Lazer, Nitro and Caberg all offer top-rated lids for under £100.


>What should I expect from the CBT and more importantly, the proper test?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4435 Anonymous
13th January 2020
Monday 10:18 pm
4435 spacer
> I am in no rush to jump on a superbike or even anything mid range for a good long while,

If that's the case then you may want to get your A1 first, particularly if you're going to commute/practice on a 125 a lot. That'll take the pressure off to "upgrade" before your CBT expires and lets you take the test on the same bike you intend to practice on.

If you're certain you want to go straight for an A license then block-book a few lessons in the days before your test (any school worth its salt will strongly recommend at least one) to get the hang of the 600cc bike you'll be using. This is particularly true if you spend a lot of time on your 125. Unless you expect to be cool as a cucumber during the test it's really quite easy to fall back on muscle memory and make small mistakes, which add to nervousness which leads to more mistakes That was my experience at least when trying much the same approach you describe.
>> No. 4437 Anonymous
14th January 2020
Tuesday 12:58 am
4437 spacer

>If you're certain you want to go straight for an A license

I'm not really certain, I just assumed it just made sense to go straight for A since I'm old enough to do so. I don't just plan on jumping into my tests with just my own 125 experience, I will book a proper block of lessons, the most popular/recommended school around here does a 20 hour DAS course, I will be going for that so I can get proper experience and tuition on a 600. Unless that's what you did and still recommend doing the smaller test first.
>> No. 4438 Anonymous
14th January 2020
Tuesday 1:51 am
4438 spacer
You don't really need to "earn your stripes" on a 125 to prepare yourself for a DAS course. You can just do the DAS straight away and then get yourself a bike that's almost as light as a 125 but with a bit more oomph, maybe something in the 250-400cc range. Once you get used to the extra weight of a bigger bike, they're actually easier to ride and more confidence-inspiring than a 125.

The Mod 2 should be fairly easy if you already have road sense from driving a car combined with the DAS instruction, and most schools book in practice slots at Mod 1 test pads, so passing is mostly just a matter of good instruction, practicing the manoeuvres, and managing nerves.
>> No. 4439 Anonymous
14th January 2020
Tuesday 10:11 pm
4439 spacer

>>4432 here

Yeah, little light bikes can be great fun. I used to live in rural Wales, and they are a delight to chuck around windy, scenic, country roads. I do miss riding bikes, especially on a warm, sunny day in quiet parts of the country.

The YBR was great. I may have been lucky and got a good one, but the only problem I had, is that the speedo cable went, which I was able to fix myself and I'm pretty hopeless with mechanicing. Must have had it for a year or two. Not so good on the bigger roads though, as it's top speed isn't great. If I was to get another bike in the UK, i'd get a 250 these days. I'd want a bit of extra oomph.

My last riding experience was in SE Asia where everyone rides about 125 max, hence traffic is slower and riding there has a different feel to UK. This will have an impact on my personal opinions of motorbikes.

>> No. 4357 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 6:37 pm
4357 CARS
Ok i know very little about cars but i may need to buy one soon. id like something small easy maintained as im thick. and good on juice what would you suggest? oh and diesel vs petrol.

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 4372 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 9:53 pm
4372 spacer
This one ticks all the boxes for me.


Japanese cars tend to be very reliable and you'll get another 100,000 miles out of it easily. That's about 5 years worth of driving, if you're commuting to Bournemouth.
>> No. 4373 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 11:20 pm
4373 spacer

OP says he doesn't know much about cars; buying a write-off can be a minefield, even if it looks straight.


It looks tidy enough, but I'd want to see a service history before buying anything with that sort of mileage. 150k is a perfectly reasonable mileage for something that has been well looked after, but it could be on death's door if the owner's idea of routine maintenance is "take it to the garage when the grinding noises get unbearably loud". The assortment of stains on the upholstery aren't a great sign. It's also being sold on trade terms, so you're pretty much shit out of luck if it's a lemon.
>> No. 4419 Anonymous
3rd November 2019
Sunday 11:58 pm
4419 spacer
I've just passed my test and I'm looking a runabout. Unfortunately at my current residence the insurance seems to be extra wank, so I've had to downsize my expectations from superminis to city cars.

That in mind I've been looking at Hyundai i10s mostly, and also found a Fiat Panda 1.1 from 2010 with 39000 miles on it.
There's those peugeot/toyota/citroen city cars in the same cost bad but they've got no space in the boot at all so I want something boxier for when I want to carry things.


I just want someone to give me an opinion before I go have a look. I like Pandas too; they're pleasingly boxy and practical, the cabin is less hideous than the toyota Aygos of similar vintage and the body is better looking than the blobby i10 or old kia picantos.
>> No. 4420 Anonymous
4th November 2019
Monday 12:18 am
4420 spacer
Panda is definitely a good choice for what you're looking at - but don't write off those Toyota Aygos; you might think they look a bit shit for your first car, but the bit you haven't discovered yet is maintenance, and those Japanese cars are way more durable and reliable than the Italians.
>> No. 4421 Anonymous
4th November 2019
Monday 6:01 pm
4421 spacer
Aygos are rebadged citroen/peugots built in the Czech republic.
Yeah they're more or less reliable and cheap to maintain but they're not toyotas underneath.

>> No. 4326 Anonymous
28th April 2019
Sunday 5:39 pm
4326 spacer
I've been giving serious thought to getting a sidecar motorcycle as an alternative to car:

- get one made before or in 1979 and it's classified as a historic vehicle (probably some sort of old BMW copy like an Ural but it could also be an old Jap bike with a sidecar attached)
- no London congestion charge because it's still a motorcycle
- no London emmissions charge because it's exempt as a historic vehicle
- no MOT fees because it's exempt as a historic vehicle
- no road tax because it's exempt as a historic vehicle
- cheap insurance because it's a historic vehicle
- better fuel economy than a typical hatchback
- can use motorcycle parking bays
- practical because the sidecar is basically the same size as the boot of a small car
- not as much of a hassle as a classic car because of the simplicity/ease of maintenance of motorcycles

This strikes me as an incredibly genius idea but I'm pretty drunk right now.
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>> No. 4327 Anonymous
28th April 2019
Sunday 5:45 pm
4327 spacer
I'm not really a Bike Guy but this sounds like a solid plan to me, too, as long as you're confident you can get the parts and keep a bike that old running.

Also I've never seen a bike with sidecar park in a motorbike bay, you'd probably end up taking up two or three spaces.
>> No. 4328 Anonymous
28th April 2019
Sunday 5:56 pm
4328 spacer
I like the plan in many ways, but the only problem is that with a sidecar you lose one of the primary benefits of having a bike - filtering through traffic; you would essentially be the width of a small car, and so would end up sitting in a lot more traffic than you would on a normal bike.

Have always wanted one too (particularly some of the old BMW ones) but not as a main/commuting bike.
>> No. 4329 Anonymous
28th April 2019
Sunday 6:58 pm
4329 spacer

The handling of a sidecar outfit is really fucking weird. You're totally asymmetrical and the weight distribution changes radically depending on who or what is in the sidecar. It's not like you have to totally re-learn how to ride, but there is a fairly steep learning curve and a lot of your instincts can get you into trouble.
>> No. 4330 Anonymous
28th April 2019
Sunday 7:48 pm
4330 spacer
I think pretty much every old Soviet machine was designed to be easily fixed with a hammer and some basic tools...but I've heard that the biggest problem is that you'll be doing a lot of fixing. I've never seen a sidecar in a motorbike bay either, but I've also never seen anyone riding a sidecar bike either.

Very true, that's why I emphasised it being an alternative to a small car in this very specific set of circumstances. There isn't much benefit if you don't need to haul a bunch of shit within central London, or greater London if the ULEZ extension in 2021 proceeds as planned.

>> No. 4313 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 4:17 pm
4313 spacer
I want to fill up my tyres with air. The manual says that the tyres should be cold (i.e. driven for no more than 1 mile and having been parked for 3 hours). Given that my nearest garage is 1.5 miles away, how much would this affect cold tyre pressure?
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>> No. 4314 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 4:19 pm
4314 spacer
This is some weird maths homework, lad.
>> No. 4315 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 4:26 pm
4315 spacer
Unless you're aiming for 0.1psi accuracy, fuck-all, just do it.
If you are aiming for 0.1psi, then know that the forecourt gauges aren't rated for that, and atmospheric pressure changes far more than that, even before you do crazy things like driving up hills.
It's nice to have them all roughly right, but I suspect I'd not spot 0.5psi difference even on mad tyres like ACB10s for road use, and 1psi for regular stuff.
And that's a distressing image.
>> No. 4316 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 7:39 pm
4316 spacer
Ok thanks

>> No. 4280 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:53 pm
4280 spacer


I only really watch Wheeler Dealers on the late night channels, so hadn't realised in latest versions he had left the show. And beef with the shouty fat man?

He and James May probably need to do something together.

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