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>> No. 1547 Anonymous ## Mod ##
14th December 2010
Tuesday 3:19 am
1547 spacer
Locked Stickied
No drug hookups. Don't even try to be sly.

Sorry lads, that's just how it is.

>> No. 3584 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 1:03 am
3584 spacer
I’ve been saving up to buy a place of my own but, living in London, there’s no way I can actually afford anything in the city. Well, anything that isn’t just a lease on a place that costs as much as a four bed anywhere else or a 40k parking space.

Now that working from home is a permanent possibility I can and probably should look at places in the rest of country. Just so long as there’s a direct train to London. It gets complicated when you factor in the lockdown though as my understanding is that you probably want to try living somewhere before you buy which would certainly be a task at the best of times.

Do you lads have any suggestions or tips to help narrow down a search?

I don’t fancy moving back to my hometown and studied in student towns so I’m open to suggestions on areas I can look to live. Would say I have about 25k saved so far but not averse to saving up more (I’m factoring my parents vague offer of money as just covering cost of moving). What I’m looking for is a decent flat for 1 in a city where I can meet someone and where I don’t need a car – living in London I’ve neglected ever sorting the licence but could should pull my finger out.

So far I have:

Edinburgh seems popular here going by past threads but I’m unsure if they’ll do independence or I’ll get shit anyway for being English.

Inverness has the problems of above but is much cheaper where you get breathtaking scenery because you essentially live in Iceland. Its adventurous anyway.

Liverpool I've enjoyed when visiting and have mates in the North West but the market looks altogether quite shifty on the leases they offer. Cheap though.
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>> No. 3590 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 9:51 am
3590 spacer
visit, rent, buy.
>> No. 3591 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 10:33 am
3591 spacer
By buying rushing into a property you could end up wasting far more than six month's rent.
>> No. 3592 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 3:07 am
3592 spacer
>just buy a property that thereby saves thousands of pounds and doesn't lock me in a 6 month contract

You're often locked in for longer when you own a place and need to sell it - don't believe any of the hype about how long it takes to sell a house, end-to-end; 6 months is pretty good.
>> No. 3593 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 9:59 pm
3593 spacer
I don't think its possible to accurately judge anywhere at the minute. Take Cardiff for example, in OP's list - one of its stand out 'traits' is the atmosphere, big events/weekends, clubbing etc. Right now that is nowhere to be seen. You would get an almightily shit impression of the place if you booked a city centre flat for 2 weeks at the moment. But it goes for anywhere.
>> No. 3594 Anonymous
11th February 2021
Thursday 4:18 am
3594 spacer
Were it not for the you-know-what, last Sunday would have been one of the best weekends of the year. The best day out I've had was when Ireland were in town in 2019. Even in defeat, their travelling fans know how to have a good time.

>> No. 1277 Anonymous
4th July 2010
Sunday 1:26 am
1277 spacer
Awright lads. Anyone fae Edinburgh?
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>> No. 3528 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 12:36 am
3528 spacer

>Anyone get up to much during the Fringe this year?

Bumped for the 2019 audience.
>> No. 3529 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 2:27 am
3529 spacer
I don't know why, but I've always loved the OP image.

She seems like a fun night out.
>> No. 3530 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 2:50 am
3530 spacer

She seem like the sort to call me a daft Sothern cunt, and threaten to glass me if I don't down that drink and snort some speed off her tits. Guess I have to now, would be rude not to.
>> No. 3580 Anonymous
9th September 2020
Wednesday 1:12 pm
3580 spacer

>Anyone get up to much during the Fringe this year?

Bumped for the non-existent 2020 audience.
>> No. 3581 Anonymous
10th September 2020
Thursday 9:35 pm
3581 spacer

When this thread bumped again I remember vaguely I wrote this post but was surprised it was only last year I was expecting at least 3. I can remember posts from years before much more vividly. Funny how memory works.

>> No. 987 Anonymous
19th December 2009
Saturday 2:39 am
987 spacer

I know there's at least... 4(?) here.
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>> No. 2016 Anonymous
31st January 2012
Tuesday 10:30 am
2016 spacer

Thame-worker reporting. Hope I'm not too late...
>> No. 3531 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 1:19 am
3531 spacer
It's very expensive here.
This thread is more than a fucking decade old.
>> No. 3532 Anonymous
9th January 2020
Thursday 8:57 am
3532 spacer
So are you.
>> No. 3578 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 2:59 pm
3578 spacer
i wonder if the lads who posted in this thread before you even remember this place
>> No. 3579 Anonymous
14th August 2020
Friday 7:27 pm
3579 spacer
I lived on Cowley Road in 2012 but didn't post in this thread

For a while, though, I thought >>1032 was me

>> No. 3555 Anonymous
24th June 2020
Wednesday 1:19 pm
3555 spacer
How much money do I need to live comfortably in London?

I'm seeing wildly conflicting figures online, from £30k to it not being worth it on less than £100k

I'm worried that corona is skewing things currently. How hard is it to find a flat share with reasonable people? What's the pre-corona price range for a flat or a nice share?
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>> No. 3573 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 1:39 pm
3573 spacer
Bottom always made me interested in Hammersmith. What's that like?
>> No. 3574 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 3:26 pm
3574 spacer

A bit shit, but if you go a few tube stations down towards Turnham Green it becomes a whole lot nicer.
>> No. 3575 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 4:01 pm
3575 spacer

Only vaguely apropos, but I've always wanted to see a version of The Inbetweeners set in an inner-London school. The series would predictably end early when the boys get stabbed to death by a gang of Somalis at the end of the episode where Simon gets wanked off at an underage disco.
>> No. 3576 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 5:44 pm
3576 spacer
I'm still surprised they got away with showing that. I get the feeling it'll feature in some future version of "It was alright in the 70's"
>> No. 3577 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 7:30 pm
3577 spacer
I don't get the hatred towards south London. Areas like Peckham are now getting hipsterish real quick. As there are still poorer spots you can get fair rent there and still be relatively near the centre.

>> No. 3533 Anonymous
6th April 2020
Monday 3:29 pm
3533 Moving
Lads, I'm without a job. Being a developerlad, I'm not too worried about finding another one, but I might have to move, and I don't know where I should go.

I'm thinking of London or Manchester. There's more to do in London, and I think there'd be more to do in London, but I'd be a bit better off money wise in Manchester. I don't know how easy it is to meet new people in either of them.

Have any of you lived in both? Could you tell me what it's like to live in them?

Are there any good cities I'm overlooking?
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>> No. 3550 Anonymous
24th May 2020
Sunday 10:43 pm
3550 spacer

Not Op, but in a similar problem.

I'm from a shit northern town, looking to escape the shit northern life, so I've got myself a job in zone 1 and shouldn't be hurting for money.

Only issue is that I'm moving down in september with the bird, and finding property available then is a nightmare. Is there something about the london market that makes lettings so immediate? Can any of you lads help?
>> No. 3551 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 7:37 am
3551 spacer
Anon just to add some balance.

I'm from Manchester and moved to London for work (though ironically back in Manchester for a while because of Corona) and living in London changed my feelings about the UK. Sure, you can probably find close to, or most things, that you want in Manchester but London is a completely different ball game. It's expensive to live there because the good jobs are there in abundance and it's a place worth living in. I'm never bored on the weekends, there's always something going on or something to do. In normal times you're a tube ride away from the airport to go on a weekend break somewhere or further afield, the networking is great and there's always weird quirky shit you can do, go to Viktor Wynd's Museum then stroll round Hyde Park on the way home - what a nice Sunday.

There are of course downsides, mainly the standard of living and the cost of it, but to me it makes it worth it, but I'm not over 30 and looking to settle down so that might change things significantly.

Compared to living in Manchester as well it blew my mind how little rain London gets. It might be grey, but that constant unending drizzle doesn't seem to exist in the same way as it does in Manchester and makes me significantly less depressed. London has it's rough areas, but it has also been gentrified (and don't shoot me Corbyn-lads, but I don't think improving areas is a bad thing, we can't stay stagnant for fear of some people being left behind because they like their shitholes shit.) so there are a lot of nice places everywhere. In Manchester you kind of have the city centre bit then outside of it is really just scarred post-industrial towns and villages like Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Bury. None of them are bad places, but none of them will make you look back on your deathbed and feel like you've been living. Again, London has their grim areas, but they still feel significantly less shite than up north.

Finally if you're looking for a partner, London seems to have great choice, there are lots of ambitious, young, driven people from all over the world all crammed into one crazy city with money to spend. What's not to like about that?

My vote goes to London. I could never contemplate living somewhere like Manchester permanently again.

I don't know how Corona has impacted it but London lettings move fast, you have to just go with your gut I've found. There's too many people, too much competition and you don't have the days to ponder it like you do elsewhere. It's a bit of a risk but if you sign six months you can always look to be moving out.
>> No. 3552 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 7:40 am
3552 spacer
>go to Viktor Wynd's Museum
I fingered a girl's bum in there. The bar staff gave us funny looks when we left as there's obviously CCTV. She bought me a turkish dinner after.
>> No. 3553 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 7:41 am
3553 spacer
A truly great place.
>> No. 3554 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 8:03 am
3554 spacer
I am in general happier and more financially secure living up north, but every time I go to London I wish I lived there again. It really is just a lot more interesting. But up here I have a reasonably large house with a private road leading to it and some gardens and land - I could not hope to afford much more than a shoebox in streatham for the same sort of money, and as my main hobby is car fiddling which requires space, I have made my choice to settle up here.

If my career goes the way I intend, I will probably end up back down there in some suburb.

>> No. 3520 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 5:13 pm
3520 How to get across Wales in a straight line
This popped up in my youtube recommendations and for some reason it reminded me of you chaps.

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>> No. 3523 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 7:47 pm
3523 spacer
Haha I was high and watching this the other night, would happily binge this. Within the first few minutes I think he almost gets run over. Good call avoiding the river though, the bridge was the better bet.
>> No. 3524 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 8:15 pm
3524 spacer
Or, depending on how you want to define "country", Gibraltar. The obvious but wrong choice would be Sark, which is tiny but unfortunately part of Guernsey.

There's also that bit at the top of Norway which is pretty thin. Start at the top of the hill and you can more or less roll down to the coast.
>> No. 3525 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 8:45 pm
3525 spacer
I don't think the bridge was the better bet. It looked dicey as fuck and if he'd gone in he'd have had no chance with his gear on.
>> No. 3526 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 8:48 pm
3526 spacer

Sealand. Just walk across the room.
>> No. 3527 Anonymous
29th July 2019
Monday 10:14 pm
3527 spacer
Part Two's up:

malta flag.jpg
>> No. 3509 Anonymous
26th May 2019
Sunday 12:54 pm
3509 Malta
What do you lads think of Malta as a place to live? Rent for a one bedroom flat on the smaller and less popular island of Gozo is apparently only 300 euros a month. E.g:


Surely there must be hidden fees not mentioned? I can get a work from home job that pays the UK minimum wage and live like a king (by my spartan standards) in Malta without even having to work 5 days a week.
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>> No. 3515 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 12:15 pm
3515 spacer
It's a great place to live, but quiet and in the summer, very very hot indeed. You might get bored with it being so hot. It is indeed quite a cheap place to live.

If you can get work (there are quite a few local internet companies) that isn't tourism based, you'll live okay.

I am half-Maltese and have visited 20+ times - I will probably get a place there when I retire. If you're younger, I would certainly try living there for a month before you fully commit, particularly if you don't have a job.
>> No. 3516 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 4:26 pm
3516 spacer

Can you comment on the womenfolk?
>> No. 3517 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 5:03 pm
3517 spacer

Beautiful when young, but as a previous lad says, they get fat and just wear black all the time. Malta is actually the fattest country in Europe.

>> No. 3518 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 5:18 pm
3518 spacer
>Beautiful when young
Okay dude.
>> No. 3519 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 1:08 am
3519 spacer

The difference between obesity rates in Malta vs the UK is as far as I can tell about 2% I'm not saying that makes the Maltese less fat but we are hardly in a place to be critical.

>> No. 3485 Anonymous
18th March 2019
Monday 2:14 am
3485 Meetz
Moving to London next week. How about we the schedule the annual inaugural .gs pint meet for next weekend? BE MY FRIEND
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>> No. 3504 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 11:53 am
3504 spacer

There is a board game cafe in Croydon might be something a bit different for you to do together.
>> No. 3505 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 7:05 pm
3505 spacer
I suppose it could work but I was aiming to get away from the pub this time which is precisely what makes this difficult. My thinking was more taking her all the way to Cutty Sark to see Pirates of Penzance as a last ditch option.
>> No. 3506 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 7:05 pm
3506 spacer
Canal pusher upgrading to the Thames.
>> No. 3507 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 10:00 am
3507 spacer
I'd be up for a meet.
>> No. 3508 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 11:27 am
3508 spacer


>> No. 2259 Anonymous
29th August 2012
Wednesday 7:31 pm
2259 spacer
Anybody in Wakefield?
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>> No. 3480 Anonymous
12th March 2019
Tuesday 10:31 pm
3480 spacer
Congratulations lad, this is possibly one of the best necrobumps I have ever seen.
>> No. 3481 Anonymous
12th March 2019
Tuesday 10:48 pm
3481 spacer
fuck off ossett lad
>> No. 3482 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 1:24 am
3482 spacer
N1 m8 don't know wot it me

Or at least I think it was me. I was definitely here in 2012.
>> No. 3483 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 2:19 am
3483 spacer
>N1 m8 don't know wot it me
Maybe come back in 2025 and you'll find out.
>> No. 3484 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 6:50 am
3484 spacer
Fortune Cookie in Dewsbury, but that's because it's hard to find somewhere round here that does decent tofu dishes.

>> No. 3473 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 8:46 pm
3473 spacer
Hey lads, is there owt decent for a night out around Westminster? I moved there recently but I keep ending up in packed places in Soho surrounded by wankers. Just wondering if any of you have recommendations from your own experience.
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>> No. 3474 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 9:36 pm
3474 spacer
What you do is head North from Victoria St up Broadway until you reach St James's Park Station then you take the tube from there to somewhere else.
>> No. 3475 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 10:00 pm
3475 spacer
Can't have a good night out in that London. What you wanna do is get on t'train to Wakey.
>> No. 3476 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 10:36 pm
3476 spacer
Westminster itself is quite tough to go out in - you need to go East really for a good night out..
>> No. 3477 Anonymous
7th March 2019
Thursday 1:50 am
3477 spacer
Go watch some autistic hipster mutants doing some deeply pathetic 'sound art' at Cafe Oto in Dalston, their circle jerk clique is 24/7 and there's weird shite on every night, has to be seen to be believed. Many attractive and confused young art hoe ladies there.
>> No. 3478 Anonymous
12th March 2019
Tuesday 3:23 pm
3478 spacer
Shakey Wakey

>> No. 3454 Anonymous
29th November 2018
Thursday 2:57 am
3454 spacer
Hello lads.

I've recently embarked on a new career that allows me to work from home, anywhere that has a decent Internet connection (50 Mbps down/10ish up).

Currently in London and I absolutely love the summers here. Come October and I'm ready to jet off somewhere and never come back. If I could wave a magic wand and have it be always be July, I'd never want to leave.

My wife has family in Germany so I can't go too far away and I'm hopeless at foreign languages so I don't really want to move to a country where English isn't the main language. It's no good being somewhere that almost everyone speaks English but all the official tax forms and stuff are in Spanish or something.

My wife also doesn't want to live in a properly hot and dry country that regularly exceeds 30° in the summer.

We have no kids and she can also work from home.

I'm fairly sure that there isn't anywhere that fulfills all of these requirements but I thought I'd ask here on the off chance that one of you knows of somewhere obscure.

I'm not that bothered about bars and restaurants and excitement. As long as I can get some sort of booze, I'll be grand.
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>> No. 3468 Anonymous
29th November 2018
Thursday 11:37 pm
3468 spacer

I suspect you're lonely because you're such a repellent cunt.
>> No. 3469 Anonymous
30th November 2018
Friday 1:07 am
3469 spacer

I've got to admit you've lost me with that particular non-sequitur there, ladm80.
>> No. 3470 Anonymous
30th November 2018
Friday 2:02 am
3470 spacer
I think that unlikely, since I'd have to meet people first.
>> No. 3471 Anonymous
30th November 2018
Friday 2:10 am
3471 spacer
Alright ignore it. I didn't mean girls and fleeting relationships anyway, I mean social circles in general. Support networks. People to have a beer with.
>> No. 3472 Anonymous
30th November 2018
Friday 3:29 am
3472 spacer

> I mean social circles in general. Support networks. People to have a beer with.

Isn't that what was basically described in post >>3466 ?

Just because a person is female doesn't mean you can't be friends and definitely doesn't mean you can't penetrate (ahem) her social circle.

>> No. 3398 Anonymous
14th June 2018
Thursday 8:58 pm
3398 spacer
Today I got a job offer that involves commuting to that London, Hounslow to be precise. It's a job so I can't turn it down but I've personally never had much to do with the city so I'm left horribly confused and would greatly appreciate some insider knowledge if you lads can spare any.

The thing is:
1. Where I'm living now I would get to work in 2.45hrs every morning. Is that good by London commuter standards? I'm thinking that can't be right but looking online I've seen people selling it as 'ideally situated'.

2. I don't have much keeping me where I live now so I could move closer but websites like commutefrom don't make any goddamn sense. Do you have any recommendations for spots I could look at renting somewhere? I've happily done long commutes before using public transport and I'm a big boring lad so the only real consideration I need is somewhere that is not an utter shithole that will depress me.

I've gone through the catalogue and found nothing that exactly deals with this issue but I'm certain I read one years back.
15 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3448 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 11:37 pm
3448 spacer

I was a property guardian in B'ham, the first months were fine, then I ended up with some shitty flatmates and some horrible mold and dampness problems. The company did not give a fuck, the building was due to be sold some months later (it was). I also had a lot of problems in getting the council to take away the trash, I had trash rotting in front of the building for weeks. Cheap, but rather shitty living conditions.
>> No. 3449 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 4:19 am
3449 spacer

I've had good experiences with Global Guardians, they seem to be better at maintenance than some normal rental companies I've been with. The advantage with your typical guardianship is you can fuck off with 30 days notice if it's shit, though I appreciate that's not an ideal solution.

Admittedly even if you do get a good place, it's not for everyone, it's never going to really feel like a home. I'm quite into living in odd spaces, so it suited me fine, but there's plenty of people who think I'm mental when I tell them my ideal living space would be a warehouse or former mechanic's garage.
>> No. 3450 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 11:57 am
3450 spacer

Well, lucky you. The company that arranged my property guardianship was a real pain in the arse, they skimped on everything, they ignored issues with antisocial behavior and drug use by the guardians, and I had to fight to get my deposit back. I guess that working for them would be a nightmare since they had a very high turnover rate. I never spoke with the same person twice.
>> No. 3452 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 12:22 pm
3452 spacer
>The advantage with your typical guardianship is you can fuck off with 30 days notice if it's shit
As with any periodic tenancy, then. In my experience landlords/letting agents are happy to let a fixed term tenancy lapse into a periodic tenancy after one or two terms. In fact I think I've just ignored the renewal letters so they get the message I won't be paying their pointless fee.
>> No. 3453 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 3:12 pm
3453 spacer

>As with any periodic tenancy, then.

Sure, but try getting a periodic tenancy right off the bat in London today in a traditional rental agreement, which is what the bloke in question would need.

>> No. 3431 Anonymous
2nd November 2018
Friday 5:18 pm
3431 spacer

I'm a southern poof whose emo questions go unanswered and I want to run away from myself. I am currently considering Manchester or Leeds and Edinburgh as a wildcard.

People who have moved up norf to those cities, what are your thoughts?
7 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3439 Anonymous
2nd November 2018
Friday 8:08 pm
3439 spacer
Inverness is the only place wkth unpopulated places nearby.
>> No. 3440 Anonymous
2nd November 2018
Friday 9:00 pm
3440 spacer

Try Liverpool. The housing is ludicrously cheap and the people are irritatingly friendly.
>> No. 3441 Anonymous
2nd November 2018
Friday 9:15 pm
3441 spacer
Seconding. Liverpool is the only place I've been where you walk down the street and random people will smile at you and say "y'aright la?"
>> No. 3443 Anonymous
2nd November 2018
Friday 9:20 pm
3443 spacer
Liverpool is the best place I've ever lived.
>> No. 3444 Anonymous
2nd November 2018
Friday 9:23 pm
3444 spacer

I think that makes a huge difference if you're socially awkward. It's like interacting with people after everyone's had a few drinks.

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