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>> No. 18262 Anonymous ## Mod ##
5th March 2014
Wednesday 8:27 pm
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>> No. 29363 Anonymous
2nd February 2020
Sunday 12:12 pm
29363 spacer
Go here if you want to talk to someone one-on-one: https://discord.gg/Nwn8b29

>> No. 30481 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 12:19 pm
30481 spacer
I think lockdown got to me.

I had to make a decision based on my career between picking two jobs and I went a bit nuts. Nothing crazy but I stopped sleeping, eating properly or living my life. My work faltered and I just kept delaying decisions and caused a mess. It led to some trouble for me.

This somehow concluded in me pacing around my flat and generally just feeling like I wasn't myself as I twitched my neck and did stuff that generally I don't associate with myself. Heart racing, lots of pacing, lots of just generally odd behaviour and spiralling. Started to feel like not a huge amount mattered anymore and just needed a break and to start again or start fresh despite that not being a clear or sensible choice. I also stopped engaging with people and thought through every possible scenario ever and got no further along.

I've looked into getting a therapist.

Has anybody had this? I don't know if I should be worried about the fact I've spiralled in such a way or just accept it's partly due to the stress of lockdown and maybe I'm not alone.

It was quite scary and I felt in a very, very, dark place. Can anybody advise? Is this to be expected being locked up inside or is this something to be worried about?
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>> No. 30491 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 5:46 pm
30491 spacer

Happiness is always more important than money, and you have the luxury of being in a position where you wouldn't be poor in either case. If you have even the slightest reason to believe that the grass isn't actually greener, don't do it.

Most people will give you the same old "you'll never get anywhere if you don't take risks!" bullshit, but that only applies if you're not already in a job you like. If you are, I think you should always think very, very carefully about leaving.

Bit like my mate who divorced his wife last year and now wants her back- You'll be very lucky to get a second chance.
>> No. 30492 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 5:51 pm
30492 spacer
Thank you anon. I've spent months agonising and your post has helped me to relax somewhat.

I really need to get better at decisions that have both downsides and upsides.

Everybody tells you to always push yourself but at what point does it end?

I know a girl who quit her inner city London law job to become a photographer and wish I was that brave. I asked her why and she said when you're 15 you kind of start making choices about your career and your life and I studied and studied for years and worked for years without ever asking do I still want to do law? She said when she took two weeks off she realised the resounding answer was no and she's delayed quitting because being the successful lawyer had become her identity and that was it.
>> No. 30493 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 8:04 pm
30493 spacer

Whatever you choose to do, it's good to remember that very few choices in our life are binary or permanent. There are usually more options than you think and the cost of making a bad choice is rarely as bad as you think. The fear of failure usually has far worse consequences than failure itself.
>> No. 30494 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:17 pm
30494 spacer

You're welcome ladm9.

I've had my fair share of shit jobs, and thanks to that I developed a different sense of perspective than that which most people seem to have. From where I'm sitting, a job you don't actively loathe is something precious worth holding onto, because you can't say the same for the great majority of jobs.

I'm the type of person who's never been able to stick with anything I don't enjoy, and that's a big reason my life was going absolutely nowhere until my mid 20s. But on the flipside the perspective of the law lass you mention feels completely alien to me. I find it difficult to understand how people get that far in life as though they're just on rails, without ever questioning the fact they're utterly disinterested in what they're doing. I think the common wisdom regarding "pushing yourself" and all that is actively unhealthy for us in a great many cases.

Money is the obvious answer, I know. I suppose it's because I never had money to begin with that I never felt I was missing out on much. I've walked out of jobs at lunch time and been back on the dole by that afternoon, because at the end of the day, if your days will be miserable regardless, what's the point?

But yeah. Don't beat yourself up about what could have been or if you're letting yourself down somehow. Go with your gut.
>> No. 30504 Anonymous
2nd March 2021
Tuesday 12:40 pm
30504 spacer
It sounds like an anxiety attack. Breathe, realise that the feeling will pass and that the situation can be controlled.

From what you have said, go with your gut, chasing money and making yourself miserable isn't worth it, unless you have a goal in mind in which case you can endure the misery for a known and limited time.

You have the benefit of good pay in either case. I love what I do, I'm respected and good at it, but the downside is I get paid £18K, if I could have all the positivity and be on £40K I'd be laughing.

>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 30499 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 8:01 pm
30499 spacer
>Hinge, which was my favourite, now puts the people it thinks I'm best matched with and puts them in a separate queue in which I'd have to pay a could of quid to message them

You what? My Hinge does nothing of the sort and the algorithm is clearly bollocks so you would never pay for it. If Hinge has changed for you then it's obviously marked you as a soppy bollocks to fleece. Delete for your own good and take your rage out by repetitively lifting heavy objects, getting a hobby and making pulling your spud a bit more special by going the extra mile.

As for the rest, just get Bumble and have the lass open with "hey" or a shit pick-up line rather than you putting initial effort in - sounds like what you need anyway and if she's an accidental swipe you will still get an ego boost.

You're feeling down because February is the shittest month of the year with the winter and general tedium. It's Spring now and we have those bank holidays coming up. It'll get better.

Have you tried talking to her?
>> No. 30500 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 8:21 pm
30500 spacer
> It's Spring now and we have those bank holidays coming up. It'll get better.

Not to be a contrary cunt but a bunch of spring bank holidays under lockdown or whatever "no pubs and no mates in the park" tier they throw us in just doesn't sound like a whole bundle of laughs.

We'll either get through this or we'll die, but until then it's going to be a whole lot of waiting around. People have been wondering why chess has spiked in popularity recently, but along with cryptic crosswords it's something that everyone doing more than a couple of years gets into while doing time. We're essentially a global population on a Cat-B regime, we'll be all be reading war and peace soon enough.
>> No. 30501 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 8:45 pm
30501 spacer
>My Hinge does nothing of the sort
Yes it does, You're just not paying attention. Press the star on the bottom row.

>and the algorithm is clearly bollocks so you would never pay for it.
It's the spirit of it that I'm opposed to.

>take your rage out by repetitively lifting heavy objects
I can't. The gym is closed.
>> No. 30502 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 9:20 pm
30502 spacer
It's such a shame that no heavy objects exist anywhere but the gym, except for the ones glued to the ground.
>> No. 30503 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 11:16 pm
30503 spacer
Almost experienced hope, but it was... NO! I DID A TYPO! FUCK OFF BRAIN! I'm still doomed, but I'm not going to try because I misspelt the name of a writer who's been dead for four-hundred years.

I'm sorry if this post reads as contrived, but that was all real time, honest.

Neerja hanot.png
>> No. 30452 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 12:12 pm
30452 spacer


Some years ago in a local Lidl, an entire shop worth of people including myself witnessed an adult menace and physically abuse a child. None of us did anything except look away and express condemnation in hussed tones afterwards. We cared for nothing but our own embarrassment, and showed that to the child.

For a long time I thought I was waiting for an opportunity to show a heroic character - to do something 'selfless' - but since neglecting that child I've realised I've been offered many, and the proof of my self is in my reaction now.

How can I go on morally knowing that children are being abused, while I sit here doing nothing? How I we make things right?
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>> No. 30459 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 2:21 pm
30459 spacer

OP, you taught the kid a very important lesson: it's every man for himself, nobody is going to help ever. He should be grateful to you for teaching him such a concept. I was abused as a kid, it only stopped when my father had a strange domestic accident including a pot of boiling water. Nobody else helped, and my whore mother only made things worse. That's life. He was shit, the child abuser in LIDL was shit, you were shit for not helping, I am shit for various things that I cannot talk about here. Everything is shit.
>> No. 30460 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 2:35 pm
30460 spacer

I can say that I am one of those people that does intervene, I have step in-between people before they get into fights I have restrained and tackled strangers who are about to hit another stranger with an object. I've literally picked up a collapse person like in this experiment >>30453 several times, one time it was on the way to a job interview just outside which leads me to believe it might have been some sort of test of character.

And the reactions people have to that is strange, people treat it like it is bravado when I talk about that I would do it, and at the time people treat it like I have done something really stupid, hostilely so, or they treat it like nothing happened at all and just return to normality instantly.

I'll grant you I can't rationalize, it is a snap decision where 99% of people go one way and I go the other, the needs of the self are outweighed by the situation, is my reaction perfect, no, but the point is I acted, and I think I sleep better with my fuck ups. Even when I accidently kidnapped a sick cat thinking it was a stray and had to have an awkward conversation with the owner the next day.
>> No. 30461 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 2:40 pm
30461 spacer

My dad and his mate were coming home from a night out once and saw a bloke pushing his girlfriend about, they challenged him and ended up being set on by both the abuser and the girlfriend. It's a very common scenario in domestic abuse situations, due to a combination of Stockholm Syndrome and the victim perhaps fearing a worse beating from the abuser later on due to failing to come to their aid.

Also, my sister was once sexually harassed on the bus late at night by a gang of chav scumbags; another teenager bravely told them to leave her alone, at which point the gang promptly beat the shit out of him before fleeing the bus. My point being, playing the Good Samaritan, while seeming like the honourable thing to do, almost never turns out well in reality and will more likely than not land you either in a police cell or in hospital depending on the outcome. Even if you somehow magically channel your inner Bruce Lee and deck the bad guy, in this day and age with phone cameras and social media there's every chance that your "assault" on them could be filmed and taken completely out of context and get you fired from your job or worse.
>> No. 30462 Anonymous
23rd February 2021
Tuesday 2:51 pm
30462 spacer

>> a combination of Stockholm Syndrome and the victim perhaps fearing a worse beating from the abuser later on due to failing to come to their aid.

That's only partly true. Cunts get turned on by abuse and by seeing their mate bullying and abusing other people. My (whore) mother was completely unable to defend herself or her sons, but she became fierce and corageous everytime she had to defend her abusive husband. She lied to police, teachers and social services to protect the same husband that would beat her up, steal money from her and give her STD's. Years later, my girlfriends confided to me that they were turned on when I abused them. Cunts needs to be fucked, otherwise they will fuck you.
>> No. 30464 Anonymous
24th February 2021
Wednesday 5:40 pm
30464 spacer

I would hope to save children from developing exactly this attitude - it's clearly a very distressing one to foster.

>> No. 30440 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 10:08 am
30440 spacer
I am apprehensive about lockdown ending because it'll just remind me my brain is a mess because of me not because of some outside entity.

I have forgotten that I haven't had any friends or relations or anyone to talk to for four years previously, since summer 2016. The nature of how I feel has changed in the last six months, I am more bitter, envious, there is more self resentment where before there was just emptiness.
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>> No. 30446 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 5:03 pm
30446 spacer
Get a WFH job once this is over?
>> No. 30447 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 5:05 pm
30447 spacer
Why so I can continue this cursed existence indefinitely? Lockdown comes, lockdown goes, my life doesn't change a fucking bit I'm still the same sad loner subhuman freak I was half a decade ago when this started.
>> No. 30448 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 6:12 pm
30448 spacer
Do some kind of spiritual practice
Create something

What do you like? There must be things you think are good and you can surely maneuver yourself to make your life to revolve around them more.

My life has been on the rocks since 2015 and there are many days when this pandemic feels like the final nail in a coffin, but I have faith that there are better days on the other side of this and I am planning on correcting the things I don't like about my life that I have the power to change.
>> No. 30449 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 6:14 pm
30449 spacer

Then the lockdown is irrelevant, and the only thing that could possibly change your situation is you. If it is difficult or painful or not is irrelevant the point is only you could possibly change it.
>> No. 30450 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 7:46 pm
30450 spacer
I kind of know what you mean, OP. I've reverted back to NEEThood and when people ask me how I've spent lockdown "not even being arsed to watch TV shows I'd probably like" isn't much of an answer. I think my rage issues pre-date COVID though so that's on me.

>> No. 30431 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 8:09 pm
30431 Finding a decent therapist
My mental state is a complete wreck. I need a decent therapist, but until now I have found only complete idiots. My fault, I was forced to look for the cheapest and you get what you pay for.

Now I got some money. Does anyone know how much should I pay for a decent therapist? Somebody that actually listens and answers your questions with decent advice, instead of sitting there like a store mannequin? In my experience, therapist that work for 45 pounds at hour are completely useless.
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>> No. 30438 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 12:33 am
30438 spacer

Well, when I asked for feedback from my therapist he just sat there, looking at me with his mouth opened and a blank stare. Maybe he suffered from some form of learning disability. He either ignored my questions or answered with canned answers straight from some motivational poster. I think that he did not listen to a single word of what I said. A store mannequin would do exactly the same service. Well, you get what you pay for. Mental health is an expensive luxury, not a right.
>> No. 30439 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 9:35 am
30439 spacer
I haven't had the time to look this up, but my impression is that there are big distinctions between 'counsellor', 'therapist', 'psychotherapist', 'psychiatrist', and so on, but I've not seen these terms disambiguated in the UK context.

I also have some intuition that the more you pay, the more therapy moves into the "talk about your specific problems and experiences" type, rather than the "here's some broad frameworks to help you sort out your life" type.

Additionally, each therapist will also have their particular approach that they've been trained in. As I understand it, the former folks tend to be deep into the old psychological schools and will apply Freudian or Jungian theory in their work, while the latter will tend toward the current model if CBT as it's the one with the biggest evidence base and is designed to be widely applicable, hence it gets trotted out (with varying degrees of competence) for everyone.

Maybe some lad or one of our resident niche-knowledge posters here on .gs can enlighten us a bit more about this.
>> No. 30442 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 12:18 pm
30442 spacer

"Counsellor", "therapist" and "psychotherapist" are not legally regulated terms - anyone can slap it on their business card and have a go. If you're thinking about seeing someone who uses one of these titles, you really need to check out what qualifications they have. At a bare minimum, go with someone who is registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


"Psychiatrist" means a medical doctor who has specialised in mental health; you'd typically see a psychiatrist for diagnosis or medical treatment, but they rarely provide psychotherapy themselves. It can be useful to see a psychiatrist if you think that you might have a complex or serious problem, but expect to pay about £300 for a consultation.

The gold standard of qualification for a therapist is someone using the title "clinical psychologist", "practitioner psychologist" or the post-nominal letters "D.Clin.Psych". They aren't medical doctors, but they are required to have a similar level of postgraduate training and practical experience.

I can do a post on the various schools of psychotherapy, but it's a massive topic. The most important thing is to find someone you get on with - in the jargon, we'd say "the single biggest predictor of the efficacy of psychotherapy is the strength of the therapeutic alliance". Ring around and have a chat with a few different therapists before booking a session. Don't bother if you think they sound like a dickhead. Don't be afraid to drop out after one session if you think you're not going to be able to work effectively with someone. If you want practical solutions, look for someone who specifically specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy, rather than someone who lists it along with fifteen other kinds of therapy you've never heard of. This is purely my personal opinion, but the term "integrative" usually means "vague and wishy-washy".
>> No. 30443 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 1:13 pm
30443 spacer

Thanks, until now I only found dickheads, like that guy:


I ditched him immediately, of course.

Until now I assumed that I only found useless dickheads because I was going for cheap, but I am getting the unpleasant idea that psychotherapy is generally a crock of bullshit. I will try to check if I can get something better by paying more, but if I think I will find bullshit again. Any idea on the minimum price to get a therapist with a working brain and human IQ? That's the only parameter I can rely on, I do not possess the skills required to check the value of the shrink's qualifications.

By the way, the dumbass that proposed EFT to me is fully BACP qualified. That qualification is worth very little to me.
>> No. 30444 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 2:37 pm
30444 spacer

>but I am getting the unpleasant idea that psychotherapy is generally a crock of bullshit.

It's hard to say you're entirely wrong there to be honest lad. It's probably more that it's easy to get away with being a borderline fraudulent con artist masquerading as a professional in this particular field compared to most, though, rather than the whole thing being a lie.

I'm sure you'll find one you get on with eventually, it'll just be a long haul and you might end up paying more than you hoped.

>> No. 29115 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 6:57 pm
29115 Last two fights I've been in have left me feeling emasculated
Aight lads. tldr; was in a position to win 2 seperate fights, odds in my favour, and bitched out both times.

I'm a 6' skinnyfit guy in my late 20's, no formal fighting experience, who has generally dealt with their childhood anger issues and now smokes a lot of weed. This has left me generally placid and kind of slow to anger.

Fight 1

I was heading along a bridge after a night out, had just smoked a joint that my mate had to roll for me, as I couldn't do it standing up. This is extremely rare. Suffice to say I was quite fucked.

3 radgies heading my way on the side of the pavement, two girls and a guy. The lad was slightly taller than me and quite lanky. They started shouting at me, I took my earphones out and they were proper having a go and walking purposefully towards me. I backed off a bit and then the guy charged me.

He was about 10 metres away, so I had time to think. I was still quite confused. I waited til he got close as he was clearly going for a high punch, and then ducked, picked him up at the waist, and threw him over the barrier into the road. The girls then kind of ran towards me and started pushing me, and I just ignored the guy on the floor, ran across the other side, and started jogging down the bridge and rang the police.

I was on the phone to them, one girl caught me up and held me by the collar and told me not to call the police. I should have nutted her. She was maybe 16 though, but I feel I should have nutted her. I pushed her away and jogged again, but it gave the lad time to catch up. I did the exact same move again, but onto the pavement this time and much weaker. Both the girls grabbed me, he came over and punched me in the face.

I was sparked for a second, but still just confused. Ran again, eventually some driver pulled over and opened the door and I got in.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 30423 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:42 am
30423 spacer
Why do you need to do all this?
>> No. 30424 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:49 am
30424 spacer
Do all what? The venting is under the assumption that it's on /emo/ so there's a bit of leeway for being like that. I'm uncomfortable with several elements of what happened tonight. I've tried to approach some constructively, and the rest of it is just wondering what other people would have thought was enough.
>> No. 30425 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 2:42 am
30425 spacer
It just sounds like you obsessed over it and cried because of the shock. I do think you have some issues that maybe need discussing given how far you say you would go but it might just be the adrenalin rushing in your head and you wouldn't have actually threatened to kill a petty thief.

I think if anything you need to learn to calm down. Why does any of this bother you? Petty criminals are scum but twats are twats, it's a stranger bike and you screaming like a banshee because you can't control your emotions isn't a good luck or helpful.
>> No. 30426 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 2:43 am
30426 spacer
Apologies lads, it was clearly my bedtime long before I wrote that.
>> No. 30427 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 2:59 am
30427 spacer

>I think this indicates that I have some unaddressed anger issues.

I don't think it's anger issues. You seem very emotionally conflicted about these events, which indicates to me you are placing a lot of importance on them.

It's worth asking why you feel this need to be the hard man in order to feel good. Was your dad mean to you about being a skinny lad as a kid? Did you get beaten up at school and want to prove to yourself you're not a wimp? Do you just have a small willy?

I would suggest you find something else to validate you in terms of masculinity. I've never been in a proper fight myself, and if I was I'd probably get my arse kicked, but I've always told myself the fact I haven't must mean I look like someone who isn't worth messing with. Considering some of the places I've lived, I don't think I'm entirely lying to myself either.

You need to work out what insecurity is causing you to feel like this.

download (3).jpg
>> No. 30416 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 3:12 pm
30416 spacer
I feel like I've made that typical adult life tradeoff. I have a nice place to live, a tolerable job, and a kind partner, which is more than many of us get in one life. The sacrifice, though, is I've given up a lot of connection with my peers -- especially male friends who I could just spend hours watching shit films or playing computer games with. The kind of mates who you could do absolutely fuckall with and still have a great time, because it was all about humour and rapport. The ones who you share a history with, to the point where you know exactly why the other is laughing without them having to say what they find funny.

I used to have this, but the little group was dismantled by drama, divergent life paths, and maybe a bit of apathy. To be honest, it was also a deliberate move on my part; the risk if you keep hanging around people you share a history with is that you never give yourself as much scope to change as a person. At least, that's how I've always felt.

I resented that burden of playing the group comedian when I was in my late teens, but now I'm beginning to miss it. Don't get me wrong, the decision was worth it. I have a proper life now. It might be part nostalgia, as well, since all those friendships could often be a pain in the arse. But there are times when the girlfriend goes out, and I've already ticked everything else off my to-do list that day, when I really wish I could just knock back some cheap bottles of beer and take the piss out of Star Trek: TNG with someone, or sit in the car with them and make crap jokes and shoot the shit about life over junk food.

Tl;dr: I feel like I want mates, but actual people are fucking hard to deal with.
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>> No. 30417 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 3:29 pm
30417 spacer
I know what you mean but can offer no solution. Everything I've read just says that this is part of being a Proper Adult™.

Like you've noticed, changing circumstances are important for growth and if you try to hang onto things then everyone else will grow up around you whilst you sit in arrested development in your manky lads flat. The good times of being a young adult, like being a child, just pass. If not when you settle into a career then certainly when you have children and just lack the time or otherwise always have a reason to put off socialising when you don't feel it. I suppose this is what neighbours and work colleagues are good for but modern societies atomisation isn't configured to support that much as I think men need that escape of being in a pack of lads to actualise.

I myself have maybe 2 people I consider to be proper mates at this point on the level you describe but we've moved to other ends of the country so we never get to see each other (especially at the moment). The maddening thing is women seem much less prone to this and can't understand how this happens for lads but like I said I'm not sure how to fix that.

>take the piss out of Star Trek: TNG

How dare you.
>> No. 30418 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 3:31 pm
30418 spacer

I'm in a similar position. About a fortnight ago, I had the place to myself so I had a Skype call with a mate as we both watched Evil Dead 2 and got drunk. It was the happiest I had felt in years. Take from that what you will, all I'll say ia that having a 'proper' life isn't all that is cracked up to be.
>> No. 30419 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:23 pm
30419 spacer
>shoot the shit and eat junk food in a car

Sounds horrible.
>> No. 30420 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:34 pm
30420 spacer
For me this actually only happened when I decided to knock smoking weed on the head. Kind of a double whammy of bitterness there, because not only was it drifting away from my friend group, but the fact I was only part of that group at all because I was another body who would reliably have some weed on them. As the otherlad mentioned above, women don't have this problem, something keeps them in touch; stoners have a similar thing, because they need to keep the circle active or else supply might dry up.

I try not to take it too personally mind. Travelling miles to sit in someone's house is more than I can be arsed with most of the time, so I don't blame them for not being arsed. My most reliable mate when it came to actually hanging out playing videogames etc died a couple of years ago, and most of my old mates don't drink so inviting them out to meet in town is a non-starter.

It's a shit hand to be dealt but I think it is something you just have to come to terms with. You can make new friends as an adult but I don't think you ever realistically get to that level of closeness where you'll have them come round and sleep on the sofa every other week so you can get trashed watching Arnie films together. I suppose you just have to be thankful you had that once, whereas a lot of people will have been lonely spergs who missed that boat and will never had it.

Also, take up Warhammer. It blagged my head a bit, but it truly seems as if nothing gives grown men the excuse to socialise without alcohol like playing with toy soldiers.
>> No. 30421 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 7:39 pm
30421 spacer

>How dare you.

I only mock it from a place of genuine affection. I not-so-secretly want to live on the Enterprise-D.

>> No. 30213 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 3:39 pm
30213 Therapist
I have started seeing a therapist via Zoom. He spent some sessions just smiling and nodding to whatever I was saying, no feedback at all. At the end of my last session, he offered me this:


I read about it, and my answer was:

"That's one of the biggest crocks of shit I have seen in my life"

"No, you do not understand, it works, it is based on the 2.6 Gigahertz frequency of the human body..."

"Do you even know what a Gigahertz is?"


"You are talking out of your ass."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 30220 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 8:18 pm
30220 spacer

>took months before finding a male therapist willing to take my case.
>The other therapist either told me that they were not dealing with cases like mine

What kind of thing are we talking here?
Do you eat your own poop? do you eat other peoples?
>> No. 30221 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 9:31 pm
30221 spacer

Much worse than that. Lots of child sexual abuse involved.
>> No. 30222 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 11:55 pm
30222 spacer

Have you considered talking to the police about it? I imagine once the burden of secrecy is lifted you could begin processing the guilt, whichever position you're in. Ofcourse that burden would be replaced by another but it might be bearable with the knowledge that you're doing what's right.

https://www.stopitnow.org.uk/ exists, with a free anonymous helpline and valuable resources.
>> No. 30223 Anonymous
6th December 2020
Sunday 1:57 am
30223 spacer

Thanks for your kind words, but it happened decades ago, in a shithole country far away from UK. The police won't care (they did not care back then), and all people involved are either dead, in a retirement home with dementia, or have moved on with their lives. People prefer to deal with those issues in private.
>> No. 30415 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 9:15 am
30415 spacer
There 2 sides to that
1 side he wants you to keep paying him so he probably would just say shit for you to think he is helping but really isn't
2 side that sounds like that would actually help. Like did you think anybody though thar waving a clock in front of somebody, but it did.

>> No. 30405 Anonymous
16th February 2021
Tuesday 7:42 pm
30405 Finding a therapist
I know there have been lots of threads involving therapy, but I don't think there's been about how to actually find the right therapist.

I've been wanting to get therapy for a while, but whenever I muster up the motivation to do it, I never know where to start. When I search on https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/ I get over a thousand results near me, which makes me feel overwhelmed.

I have no idea about what kind of therapy would be best for me, so how am I supposed to choose? Do I just try the first one which comes up and see how it goes?
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>> No. 30406 Anonymous
16th February 2021
Tuesday 7:46 pm
30406 spacer
Harmony from The Queen's Nose is now a therapist.

>> No. 30407 Anonymous
16th February 2021
Tuesday 8:18 pm
30407 spacer
I too am interested in this as I've heard tales of people having to try multiple therapists which I really don't have the cash for, I want to be as sure as possible before biting the bullet.

If it's any help to you OP, so far I've browsed MyOnlineTherapy due to the good reviews and some of the lists of qualifications therapists have on there are extensive. It is £49 for an initial 30 minute meeting and after that £99 per hour session though so it's not anything I can do long term but that's just me, there's also the benefit of being able to do it just through text if you so wish, so you can then revisit conversations and advice they've given you.

download (1).jpg
>> No. 30350 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 2:11 pm
30350 spacer
How do I stop intrusive thoughts about embarrassing memories?

I have a lot of them as I've wandered around in a fog of subclinical mental illness for a lot of my time, much of it brought about by periods of extreme stress, and I'm afraid I've generally fallen within the range of "avoidant" to "socially awkward" to "openly frustrated/passive aggressive cunt" over the years. This goes especially at my old workplaces.

My life is now a lot nicer, in part because of how hard I worked during that time. I see now I could have made it a lot easier on myself if I'd have just "loosened up" a bit, yet I suspect it was this "tightness" and frustration that partly served as a catalyst to push myself further on.

Sorry for the ramble, I just feel like I want to apologise to all the people I made feel unhappy or awkward due to my emotional state and/or my inability to deal with my situation, but understand that would be unwelcome.
13 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 30364 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 8:02 pm
30364 spacer
>Everyone has intrusive thoughts and there's a reason brains operate that way....

>Shake it off and move on with your life.

I can't speak for OPs situation but I am fairly certain you don't know what you are talking about at all.
>> No. 30365 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 8:17 pm
30365 spacer
>Shake it off and move on with your life.

What a stupid thing to say.
>> No. 30366 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 8:19 pm
30366 spacer
There's nothing wrong with what I wrote.
>> No. 30367 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 12:10 am
30367 spacer
Do you know what you are talking about then?
>> No. 30368 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 3:16 pm
30368 spacer
This one time, as a child, I took a shit onto a plastic bag while infront of the mirror in my mothers room. I just wanted to see what it looked like coming out, who doesnt? Well I forgot about the shit and my mom found it hours later when she got home from work.

After practicing meditation for a while you'll begin to notice that thoughts can go as easily as they arrive - You simply let them go. Sounds wishy washy, but it really does boil down to 'don't think about it'.

>> No. 30345 Anonymous
19th January 2021
Tuesday 12:37 pm
30345 spacer
This is something of a meta-thread, though the topic is of some personal relevance to me as well.

I've been increasingly led to the thought that Asperger's and autism spectrum conditions are tremendously overdiagnosed. Without even going into the conversation about whether it's a useful set of characteristics to label, if there are physiological markers, etc., I think even according to existing criteria many people are mistakenly lumped under the category for reasons that are more properly related to increased chronic stress and anxiety, as well as more intense emotional isolation than ever.

Do you lads have any thoughts on this?
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>> No. 30346 Anonymous
19th January 2021
Tuesday 4:47 pm
30346 spacer
Agreed. At the high-functioning end, loads of people self-diagnose as autistic just because they're a bit socially awkward. Not knowing what to say at parties is not a medical condition, we've just been conditioned by the media to believe that everyone is extroverted and quick-witted. You're not autistic, you're just a bit of a berk.

At the low-functioning end, a lot of people who would have previously been diagnosed as learning disabled are being diagnosed as autistic, probably out of some impulse towards false hope. There are autistic geniuses, but there are no learning disabled geniuses; pretending that your kid has autism allows you to overlook the fact that they have an IQ of 55. There might one day be a cure for autism, but there's no cure for being terminally thick.

There was a big wave of badly-raised chav kids with a bit of foetal alcohol syndrome being misdiagnosed with autism, but now they're usually misdiagnosed with ADHD, ODD or PDD-NOS.
>> No. 30347 Anonymous
19th January 2021
Tuesday 6:44 pm
30347 spacer
High-functioning autistic people are a special bunch who can often learn to live with their condition and have successful lives and careers, if they're raised in the right way.

What seems to happen very often now is that instead of being pushed into situations that are difficult and stressful for them, giving them the chance to learn how to cope and thrive, many more kids are being wrapped in cotton wool and so denied the chance to learn.

I'm definitely at least a borderline case myself, I was never diagnosed but very much mothered too much which allowed me to get by for too long without developing better social skills and self reliance, but at 18 I left home and made my own way and that set me back on the right course.

The problem is that if you tell people nowadays that kids with autism just need to be kicked out into the world, you get people screaming "ableist" at you, but that's completely missing the point. High functioning autists aren't disabled they just think differently and arguably better in many ways, but they need to learn how to interact with a world full of normals to reach their potential and you can't book learn those skills.
>> No. 30348 Anonymous
19th January 2021
Tuesday 8:33 pm
30348 spacer

I get what you're saying, but think you might also be succumbing to survivor bias, here. I don't have any data, but I imagine there are likely examples of people "on the spectrum" being pushed out into the world as you describe and failing to become resilient, perhaps experiencing trauma, getting their psychological makeup categorised in some other way, and falling through other social safety nets as a result.
>> No. 30349 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 1:22 am
30349 spacer

>if you tell people nowadays that kids with autism just need to be kicked out into the world, you get people screaming "ableist" at you

Not to be a cunt but your post reads like the sort of detached and casually ignorant Mail-esque shite my parents are always coming out with, and I always have to ask them "How the fuck do you two know, you've not been anywhere or spoken to anyone beyond this street and the local for the past ten years."

I'm reasonably certain that a lot of the apparent prevalence of autism and such in kids has more to do with cynical parents attempting to abdicate responsibility for their kid being a little shit at school, than it does to do with kids these days being wrapped in cotton wool.

>> No. 29163 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 8:49 pm
29163 How to thicken helmet skin? Locked
I want to thicken the skin of my helmet to reduce the sensitivity of my benin. I've been circumcised which has helped to reduce sensitivity a bit but I want to reduce it more.

Would soaking it in surgical spirit every day help? Would it increase my chances of getting dick cancer or something?

What about rubbing it with sandpaper for a few minutes every day?
84 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 30181 Anonymous
18th November 2020
Wednesday 8:28 pm
30181 spacer

Sorry to burst your bubble, but sanding your cock down to a nub doesn't warrant sectioning these days because it's not immediately life-threatening. Even before the pandemic, psychiatric inpatient units were working on a one-in, one-out basis and most units were routinely having to discharge actively suicidal patients to make room for even more suicidal patients.
>> No. 30182 Anonymous
19th November 2020
Thursday 2:56 am
30182 spacer
Another casualty of covid. RIP OP's knob.

We could always delete it and ban him if he comes back, but then we wouldn't be able to call him an arsehole in longform.
>> No. 30342 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 1:58 pm
30342 OP
I still can't coom properly. It just sprays or dribbles out instead of getting a full pumping action. Strange. It'll probably never be right again.
>> No. 30343 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 2:07 pm
30343 spacer
Can we ban him yet?
>> No. 30344 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 2:51 pm
30344 spacer
Heaven preserve. This isn't your blog. Unless you need help or advice with something, I'm going to lock this.

>> No. 30335 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 1:52 pm
30335 Is this self pity? How would I address that?
Having acted a general idiot and perhaps cunt, I feel I've alienated myself from an online community. This wouldn't be a major problem except that I have no other community on or offline and I've come to regard this one with familiarity.

For most of my adult life I've sheltered myself from society, for sake of this inclination toward public embarrassment. I don't lose control of myself or conciously engage in destructive behaviour - rather I become comfortable in the situation and behave less inhibited. Mild doses of SSRIs have made this behaviour more apparant in the past.

I feel as though living as reserved as I usually do may be a problem. I don't often have fun nor engage with other people reguarly.
I want to be responsibly sociable. But as any whining coward, I immidiately turn to excuses. The risk of feeling this useless again is great - What's worse is that people see it and judge, casting the character as cement in society.

I fool myself with delusions of gandure that I might one day own a cottage and garden to offer a wife or partner, but then this happens again and I realise like the Artillary Man there is a gulf between my dreams and power.

A few times through life I've witnessed these sort of confidence trickster type people who roll in, create a buzz and a following, achieve a goal then roll out again leaving only destruction and those who don't follow. I can see how i idolise this sort of behaviour and desperately want to replicate it.
To run from place to place seems fundamentally dishonest - to disallow people to witness your mistakes and only return when you're made capable and impressive. All you'd really be learning is to run from critisism and get out before the game is up.

I don't really know what this post is meant for, except to perpetuate a myth of character. And I tell myself I hate that.
I guess all i need to do is find a ballance between introversion and extroversion.
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>> No. 30336 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 2:07 pm
30336 spacer
>I feel I've alienated myself from an online community

It'll blow over. I've felt like that before and it's the recency of it that stings. Give it a little while and see how you feel upon reflection.

Next time try not to have such a teary about getting banned for posting pictures of Greta on /x/.
>> No. 30337 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 2:19 pm
30337 spacer
Without meaning to sound like I'm marking your homework, there's lots of different threads here, and I think you might be equivocating a bit between ideas that aren't strictly related.

Are you really aiming to replicate the "confidence trickster" behaviour? It sounds like you're aware of the value of honesty in and of itself. You're imagining a wife or partner, but that relationship will be hollow unless you allow them to see your flaws.

It sounds like you're struggling a lot with the problem of "being seen" and your self-image. This isn't an easy thing to figure out for anyone, but I find the more you can turn to your own objective merits and achievements, and be up-front about your limitations, the more people will respect you for who you are.

I'm sure you have qualities as an individual that others value, and your recognition that you might have misbehaved in the past is a good sign that you don't want to harm others. In short, don't give up on yourself as a person and do your very best not to make yourself a better person in your own eyes.
>> No. 30338 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 2:20 pm
30338 spacer

Do your very best to make yourself a better person in your own eyes.

I accidentally negated the last bit and can't delete my post. What a silly sausage.

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