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>> No. 9103 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:14 pm
/spo/9103 spacer
>Super League: Why are football's biggest clubs starting a new tournament?

>Twelve clubs have signed up to the ESL - six of them from the English Premier League. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, would join AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid.

>The founding clubs want a new midweek competition with teams continuing to compete in national leagues. The ESL would have 20 teams. Of these, the 12 founding members - plus three more yet to join - would be permanent members and would never face relegation. Five other sides would be expected to qualify on an annual basis. The new league would rival the current Champions League competition, one of the biggest club tournaments in world football.

>The move has been condemned by fans, pundits and by most football bodies not involved. With 15 teams in the ESL not facing the prospect of qualification or relegation, critics say it will create a closed shop at the top of football. The Premier League says it "attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit".

>Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said that the plans threatened the pyramid structure of English football, "where funds from the globally successful Premier League flow down the leagues and into local communities". There's also the fear that the ESL would draw huge global TV audiences away from existing leagues such as England's Premier League and Italy's Serie A.

What's all this about then and why is the PM getting involved, pretend your explaining it to your girlfriend who is only watching because Casualty is on after.
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>> No. 9104 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:40 pm
9104 spacer
The current structure is great for the sport but those poor investors risk making only some of the money instead of all of the money if the team they bought and over leveraged to extract cash gets relegated.
>> No. 9105 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:40 pm
9105 spacer
In short, many of the big clubs in Europe (plus Tottenham) want a bigger slice of the TV revenue pie and a breakaway European league has been proposed for some time. There's a few notable absentees, most clubs in Germany are at least 50.1% fan owned so the big names like Bayern and Dortmund would never even entertain the idea and PSG have also turned it down, which is supposedly to do with their owners being very closely associated with the Qatar World Cup.

It means for these clubs that there's guaranteed European football even if they had a shit domestic season and wouldn't have otherwise qualified for the Champions League. In other words, it's greed and trying to ensure the money keeps coming to them rather than other clubs.
>> No. 9106 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 3:00 pm
9106 spacer
> The Premier League says it "attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit".

Amusing coming from a league where the richest teams always win everything. The ironically socialist system of salary caps you find in American leagues like the NFL and NHL seems far more conducive to sporting merit to me.
>> No. 9107 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 4:50 pm
9107 spacer
Aren't the proper Super League going to sue them over the name? Or even better, challenge the football players to a rugby league match and twat the southern softy footballers?
>> No. 9108 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 1:08 am
9108 spacer
So: imagine that when all the teams play each other, there are some teams that draw huge crowds and everyone makes money off the back of them. The leagues know this, and give them assorted bonuses, but their huge revenue-generating powers still lead to huge sums of money that they have to share with their shitty, inferior opponents.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a league composed entirely of hugely lucrative teams? Then, all the shitty also-ran teams would get fuck all and every match would be obscenely lucrative because everyone would pay to watch it. That's what the European Super League is.

Of course, these exceptionally marketable teams do not exist in isolation. At least part of their incredible value comes from illiterate Indonesians watching them smash West Brom every week. It's a little conceited to say these teams draw the crowds entirely on their own, and West Brom aren't worth a tin shit. Especially when the entire magic of football comes from the fact that West Brom do sometimes win.

And this hot new European Super League made of 100% celebrity teams has really fucked everything up by proposing that the most marketable teams in this new league can never be relegated; they will always get to come back to the top league every year, even if they lose every match the previous year. This goes against the very philosophy that all teams at the top are there on merit, and it effectively ends the fairytale that a bad team could work their way to the top and win everything. But if you're a top team, this is great news for you because your investment is protected. Your team can never be expelled from this new top table, because their place among the GOATs is guaranteed, whatever happens.

Of course, creating a breakaway league that focuses all the profits at the top of the table is exactly what the Premier League was in the early 1990s. Many of the pundits who are denouncing this zombie monstrosity are shills for the businesses that profited from the creation of the Premier League, and now they're angry because rich owners can buy all the top players and compete against them, and challenge their dominance. This story has no good guys, and everyone's a hypocrite.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that every fan of every team in Europe dreams of one day seeing their team overthrow the hegemony of the big teams, and win it all, like Leicester did in 2016. This new league effectively takes a snapshot of the most marketable teams right now, and creates a new league that's rigged specifically to keep them at the top forever. Remember, if such a league was created in 1980, the "top teams" would include Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Hamburg and Ajax, none of whom are welcome in today's top league. The notion that today's top teams are permanently at the top is absolutely wrong. But again, this league isn't about finding the best teams; it's about teams declaring themselves the best so they can keep all the money and stay at the top forever. This is why everyone is so angry.

I absolutely think this was proposed as a negotiating tactic for the top teams to get more money. But everyone is so angry now that it might have backfired as a threat, and now the teams have no choice but to go ahead with it. They said they were happy to stay in their domestic leagues, playing West Brom and Osasuna and whoever's shit in Italy, and only have this Super League instead of the Champions League, which was already a money-spinning exercise anyway. So we can all keep watching and see what happens, and see if it works out for the top teams who believed they were important enough to be enshrined at the top forever, or if they wind up kicked out of all their existing leagues and tournaments, get forced to play in this league and nowhere else, and ultimately get fucked over. Nobody really knows what's going to happen with this proposed league, and that's why it's exciting.


>> No. 5227 Anonymous
12th March 2021
Friday 3:19 pm
/boo/5227 Renters UBI
The way I see it eventually we probably will see something like a universal basic income but it will intersect with the time when property prices become truly unaffordable for anyone but the very wealthy. At that point you will have a system where a class of landlords are being propped up by public money and funded by the renters - who need jobs because the UBI will all go on rent because of demand. Perhaps rents will even exceed UBI in some areas.

Sure you might still be able to live in crowded or dilapidated homes but it will be an impoverished existence that will keep those working who have the limited skills not taken by automation as the landed get richer and richer.

This is something somewhat highlighted when you first saw UBI as an idea take hold around 2016, a blog from Shelter notes that it's simplicity is bloody terrible when it concerns the housing market because costs of living differ and many households - single parents or large families - would be disadvantaged. To make matters worse the solutions can prove impractical because there would always be a period of residency involved to a local rate and that will have to account for the fact that rental contract usually span a mere 6 months:

Are we fucked? Posted in /boo/ because I think this one might be true.

>I will just move somewhere else, like Ireland or Australia!

If you've spent any time on international websites you will notice that being priced out of ever owning a home is global phenomenon. There's no escape unless you can make do in a rural setting away from jobs and services.
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>> No. 5281 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 5:01 pm
5281 spacer
I can't see the reasoning behind this. We already have digital pounds: Most pounds are digital, just money in someone's bank account somewhere that has never been embodied in physical paper.
They're insistently using "digital currency" rather than "cryptocurrency", so I'm assuming it's not the "trust" that comes with having all transactions hashed (at the low low cost of country-sized electricity bills) and that the trust element will be achieved - as with pounds - by the fact that if the Bank of England is ripping you off you've got bigger problems than lost money.

I mean I can see the idea of just letting people bank with the BoE rather than private banks, but why take the circuitous route of going "Pounds? Nah mate, these are Britcoins, you've got to transfer them to Natwest and then go to the cash machine if you want to spend them as pounds." rather than just using pounds? Is this some weird way of side-stepping economists' discomfort with letting the central bank do anything except QE and autonomous interest rate setting?
>> No. 5282 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 5:08 pm
5282 spacer

I am not comfortable with a shitposting Chancellor.
>> No. 5283 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 6:16 pm
5283 spacer
>the "trust" that comes with having all transactions hashed (at the low low cost of country-sized electricity bills)
You must know that isn't true, so why are you saying it?
>> No. 5284 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 6:38 pm
5284 spacer
The claim that bitcoin mining uses more electricity than Ireland, Argentina, Denmark, Ruritania, etc. is an incredibly common one with at least some evidence to support it. I assume that most people will be familiar with such claims, which makes it a good area to get in a small joke while working towards two separate points: absent a distributed ledger like cryptocurrency, it's hard to see what advantage a digital currency offers over pounds, but with a distributed ledger you're introducing pointless inefficiency to transactions for little obvious reason. ("Trust", but the BoE is already trustworthy.)

I'm sure the point you wanted to make (unless you just dispute the energy use of bitcoin) is that other cryptocurrency options are far more efficient than Bitcoin so it's unfair to imply that they'd use similar amounts of energy, but it's hard to imagine any of them get it down as low per transaction as traditional digital banking. Whether the energy used is likely to be country-sized or simply "a bit inefficient" is ultimately irrelevant to the point either way, so it's a good place to throw in a quick joke that plays up wastefulness.
>> No. 5285 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 12:40 am
5285 spacer
I will admit that it has occurred to me that with house prices the way they are, and with government policy openly insistent on keeping them that way, we are now a nation of rich ballers with 50 grand in the bank that we refuse to spend because we're saving it up for a house. If you can persuade people to invest these collective millions in the economy, you can do great things with the economy while simultaneously getting your dick sucked by seedy private landlord scum. But cryptocurrency investments piss all over normal investments, at least at the moment, so vast amounts of this country's money are being spunked into magic cash-numbers instead of job creation and wealth creation and shit you can put on your manifesto. My God; it's almost like they know they're fucking hopeless at this.

So they want to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Sorry if any of this doesn't make sense; I went to the pub so I could get coofed on and die from coronavirus and now I am heroically inebriated ayyyyyyyyy


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
/iq/62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 68582 R4GE
18th April 2021
Sunday 8:37 pm
68582 spacer

Vorderman at the races.
>> No. 68583 Auntiefucker
18th April 2021
Sunday 8:38 pm
68583 spacer

Vorderman at the races.
>> No. 68586 YubYub
18th April 2021
Sunday 8:40 pm
68586 spacer

Vorderman at the races.
>> No. 68587 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 8:41 pm
68587 spacer

Thanks mods.
>> No. 68588 Anonymous
20th April 2021
Tuesday 12:22 am
68588 spacer
>What colour jockey silks will I be wearing?
>Well do you remember Mr Blobby?


download (4).jpg
>> No. 5699 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 6:06 pm
/fat/5699 spacer
I've sailed past the 30 mark and I've noticed in recent years that the Devil's drip after urinating is getting worse.

I'm a male in pretty good shape, exercise, and regularly have erections/orgasms. I thought my "mind-muscle connection" with my pelvic floor muscles would be fairly good, and even practice Kegel exercises after I piss, so why all the leakage?

I've got a working theory that it might be down to too much sitting. In the same way people lose the ability to fully flex their glutes even when they try, the same is probably true of the pelvic floor.

I think I'll adjust the height of my desk and stand when possible and report back to you lads.

What do you lads think? What is it in the physiology that makes this occur?
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>> No. 5700 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 6:10 pm
5700 spacer
Get a doctor to put his finger up your bum.
>> No. 5701 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 8:18 pm
5701 spacer
Just dab it dry with a bit of bog roll mate. Getting old innit.
>> No. 5702 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:59 pm
5702 spacer
Do you think you got more sensitive to the drip or did it actually get worse? As in, are you leaking post pee or are you more bothered that you dribble a bit?

I'm uncomfortably close to my 40s and noticed similar, I was quite sporty before the work-from-home times so I don't think that was the issue. There are basically no occluding muscles between your urethral sphincter and your glans, so you have a couple of inches of "dead" pipe which no amount of training or will power can empty on its own.
>> No. 5703 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 11:18 pm
5703 spacer
Lightly pinch the base of your shaft with thumb and forefinger on either side and run it up to your bellend. You can't do this at a busy urinal but it works.

I'd still mention this to a doctor which should be the policy for anything slowly knackering with time. Your theory seems off like the otherlad said, I'm not in shape at 32 and certainly not now but don't have the issue which can only be explained by all the wanking I do. Do more of that possibly?
>> No. 5704 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 11:19 pm
5704 spacer
Push down on the perineum lightly, it'll get out the last drops. Do you drink much?

It probably doesn't cause lasting problems. Someone be a pal and let me know if it does.


>> No. 92282 Anonymous
12th February 2021
Friday 8:11 pm
/pol/92282 spacer
Perhaps the problem with Labour wasn't actually Jeremy Corbyn?
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>> No. 93093 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 7:32 pm
93093 spacer

I've been watching Watching "Labour: The Wilderness Years" again and despairing.
Most people who watch it seem to take it as a sort of chronicle of why Blairism was necessary. Perhaps went too far, but was ultimately necessary because the only alternative was the craziness of the far-left in the early 1980s. They usually go further and frame Labour's current struggles in terms of those struggles. But every time I watch it two men stand out: Peter Shore and Bryan Gould.
And the tragic thing is, if we're re-running the 1980s we're re-running it without their participation, and they are the two people Labour really should've gone with.

Take Gould: An Oxford Lawyer and a Labour moderniser, he wrote a book building on Crosland's "The Future of Socialism" about the failures of the postwar consensus that lead people to back Thatcherism and he strongly opposed the plan to put up taxes in the 1992 election because he thought (correctly) it was a vote loser. Instinctively you feel he must be a Blairite kind of guy, but then one of the last things in the documentary is him saying this:
"I think it's been a painful process, a painful withdrawal from hope and idealism. It may or may not have been necessary, I don't believe that it was, and I believe we have simply given up. We will secure power but I don't think we'll make much of it and we will - as soon as the voters recover their confidence in the Tories we'll be removed to make room for the real thing."
Because the reality is that he wasn't anything like a Blairite, he was the sort of Keynesian egalitarian moderniser with Southern appeal that Labour desperately needed but never got. Someone who was prepared to try and change society, rather than just adapt Labour to the way others had changed it. He and Shore were people who managed to remain in contact with both political and economic reality instead of surrendering one or both of them to expediency. Both were also Eurosceptics, though Gould probably wouldn't have taken us out of Europe as PM. But they weren't good faction builders, so tragically they have no legacy in the party today. Bennites, Brownites, Blairites, and the Borderline apolitical ought to have been condemned to the dustbin of history as the discredited ideas of wrong people, but instead they continue to dominate a Labour party that no longer even has the capacity to come up with anything new. There are no Bryanites and there are no Baron Shore of Stepneyites, nor is there much chance there ever will be: Shore is dead and Gould wisely retired to his homeland of New Zealand in the mid-1990s. He still writes about the British economy, but I've yet to see any evidence that someone in Labour is reading...
>> No. 93097 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 5:20 pm
93097 spacer
>> No. 93098 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:21 pm
93098 spacer

That lad is mental, but Starmer's bodyguard having the same haircut as him is very Kim Jong-un vibes.
>> No. 93099 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 11:06 pm
93099 spacer
Why do pub landlords always act so entitled, you'd never get this childish behaviour from a faceless corporation.

Most of the men in the country have that haircut at the moment.
>> No. 93100 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 11:08 pm
93100 spacer
Stewart Lee's looking well.


>> No. 2916 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 4:10 pm
/uhu/2916 Mosquito Proofing
Mosquito season is nearly upon us and I refuse to be eaten alive like last year. Do either of you have any tips to keep them at bay?

Reason I ask on a glue board is that I've looked into netting for the window on my flat

These make use of adhesive magnets but I wonder if that is going to leave marks which is an issue as I'm renting. Any past experience using these or ways of avoiding permanent marks from adhesives would be appreciated.
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>> No. 2917 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 5:07 pm
2917 spacer
uPVC has reasonably good chemical resistance, so you can use white vinegar, isopropanol or even dilute acetone to remove any adhesive residues from window frames. If you need to stick anything to a painted surface, use 3M Command Strips.
>> No. 2918 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:53 pm
2918 spacer
>If you need to stick anything to a painted surface, use 3M Command Strips

This would be the case, painted wood you see. Although I'm not sure 3M have what it takes as it'll need to hold magnets, mesh and metal bits over a 52 x 38 space. I use the hooks internally but for a window that could create some force if the winds is pushing at the mesh.


>> No. 27266 Anonymous
28th August 2020
Friday 5:21 pm
/news/27266 Corona thread #3
Right, now that the last corona thread is over 1,700 posts long, maybe it's time for a new one.

How long do you think it will be until we're fully back to normal?
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>> No. 33168 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:09 pm
33168 spacer
UK Column is where it's at lad for "thick cunt" news. I watch it religiously.
>> No. 33169 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:17 pm
33169 spacer

I find it disappointing that after a year there still aren't any interesting face masks. The most adventurous seems to be animal patterns or tartan.

>everybody will get it anyway

That's true though. We'll all get it multiple times in a best case scenario.
>> No. 33170 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:21 pm
33170 spacer

>I find it disappointing that after a year there still aren't any interesting face masks. The most adventurous seems to be animal patterns or tartan.
>> No. 33171 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:33 pm
33171 spacer

>UK Column

Fuckssake. Just read some of the headlines on their web site. I am equal parts appalled and fascinated.
>> No. 33172 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:35 pm
33172 spacer

I think the problem is that people don't really want to be wearing a very out-there fask mask all the time. It's just something you have to have on.


>> No. 19373 Anonymous
2nd March 2011
Wednesday 7:12 pm
/x/19373 free thread.
I just wanted an excuse to post her. So then I thought-


i.e. images you couldn't think to categorise in another thread but really want more people to see.
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>> No. 41970 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 9:49 pm
41970 spacer

British law is sufficiently broad that almost any image of a child can be considered indecent if someone is perving over it. On one level it makes sense - there's something obviously unsavoury about having a load of pictures of kids if they're not your kids - but it's also slightly Kafkaesque. The mods have no choice but to be extremely cautious.
>> No. 41971 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 9:51 pm
41971 spacer

I should say that I'm not a carpet-bagger, I just work in IT.

That hasn't really helped my case, has it?
>> No. 41972 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 10:22 pm
41972 spacer
16 for sex, 18 for porn. You may remember that page 3 girls used to be 16 up until...sometime between the late-90s and mid-00s when they last changed around the sex offences.

My excuse is that I did law degree for moments just like these.
>> No. 41973 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 10:42 pm
41973 spacer

The law is 16 for shagging, but 18 for porn, as I'm sure we all know. But the law on 'exploitative sexual images' is broad enough that any image of someone underage can be classed as exploitative in the right context, and posting it on a board designated for porn fits right in that category.

It's a very real thing and people really do report you to the feds for it - it doesn't happen often here (largely because of our currently discussed 'overmoderation'), but whenever it does it's usually for an image that absolutely nobody thought was sexual, but it's a child so the choice is delete it or get booted off our hosting service.

It's definitely an odd law when tested to its extremes (labelled stick figures and so on) but it's not up to us to challenge the letter of the law, not if we want the site to remain alive, anyway.

My excuse is that I moderate a website with occasional peado encroachers, which I understand is probably not a great alibi.
>> No. 42066 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:20 pm
42066 spacer



>> No. 11742 Anonymous
3rd May 2019
Friday 6:12 pm
/beat/11742 What you feeling right now? Part V: Bach it up
Time for a new thread.
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>> No. 12789 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 1:07 am
12789 spacer
If by 'White Boy Summer' you mean spending all day in my tiny flat during a heatwave then, no. No I am not.
>> No. 12790 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 1:34 am
12790 spacer

Note to self: buy an air conditioner while they're still cheap.
>> No. 12791 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:01 am
12791 spacer
Make sure it's not a free standing unit, they are worthless. If it's built in, make sure its reversible so you can use it as a heating unit. Heat pumps are woerfully underutilised in this country
>> No. 12792 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 12:00 pm
12792 spacer
>> No. 12793 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 6:04 pm
12793 spacer

It's rare for me to binge it like I do other genres but I really do enjoy a nice bit of acid every now and then.


>> No. 8729 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 12:42 am
/£$€¥/8729 spacer
Previously on Britfags: The Origin

It's exciting times as I've now saved up enough for a deposit on a small house for myself. It took 3 years of saving, living in a tiny flat, cutting corners where I can and corona-induced savings and market returns. Even chased meagre bonuses at work and sold holiday time.

Only no. In my excitement I forgot about all the other bullshit with surveyors, legal fees, any repair work etc. It looks like I'll need another £10k just when things are opening up again.

Is there a way out of this predicament? Looking at the market I'm about to be priced out of even a converted shed if I don't buy soon.
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>> No. 8748 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 5:54 am
8748 spacer

Southerners will never move up here, we will frighten them off when they visit to view somewhere and people keep saying 'hello' to them in passing or talking to them in shops.
>> No. 8749 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 7:51 am
8749 spacer

Deposits are not the problem. All this willndo is push prices up even further.
>> No. 8750 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 7:51 am
8750 spacer

Deposits are not the problem. All this willndo is push prices up even further.
>> No. 8751 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 10:23 am
8751 spacer
You make it sound like that's unintended.
>> No. 8752 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 1:16 pm
8752 spacer
I'm intrigued yet sceptical. Having crunched the numbers previously on this that extra borrowing and attached rise in the interest rate can be quite ruinous - or at least annoying. You'll own a home but it'll be like the ban has mandated that you always have hung up 'live, laugh, love' wall art.

I agree that this could push prices up but I think the actual intention isn't to sooth the 5% market at all but encourage better offers in the 10% range.


>> No. 93040 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 12:50 pm
/pol/93040 spacer
>Scottish election 2021: Residents offered £50,000 to stay in or move to island communities under SNP proposals

>The SNP plans to freeze income tax for the duration of the next Scottish Parliament if it wins the election next month.

>Nicola Sturgeon made the pledge as she launched the party’s manifesto, saying it will help “provide stability to the economy and to household budgets during this period of recovery” from coronavirus. She also announced a “transformational” spending increase for the NHS promising to boost frontline spending by at least 20% – rising by £2.5 billion by the end of the next Holyrood term.

>We want to do more to support people to achieve a better balance and help businesses employ as many people as possible. As part of that, we will establish a £10 million fund to support willing companies to explore and pilot the benefits of a four day working week.

BRB, lads. Moving to an independent Scotland that's part of the EU.
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>> No. 93087 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 11:03 am
93087 spacer

UKIP actually had decent policies though.
>> No. 93090 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 11:50 am
93090 spacer
>Scots who laughed at the English voting UKIP
[citation needed]
>> No. 93094 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 9:38 am
93094 spacer

My citation is the 2015 election results in England and Scotland.
>> No. 93095 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 12:55 pm
93095 spacer
That's not evidence that anyone "ITT" laughed at the English for voting UKIP, all it suggests is that Scotland didn't resonate with their policies.

Unless you consider the fact Scottish people didn't vote for an ostensibly English Nationalist manifesto to be intended to mock.
>> No. 93096 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 1:12 pm
93096 spacer
While we're comparing Alba and UKIP, i'd like to have a whinge that UKIP got into the 2016 debates (zero MSPs) but Alba (zero) and, to be fair, Reform (1 MSP) don't get into the 2021 debates.

I suppose the upside is that it means the entire panel gangs up on Douglas Ross instead, but the Tories are still outpolling Labour despite Anas Sarwar having better public perception so a lot of good that's doing...


>> No. 5493 Anonymous
21st November 2020
Saturday 11:44 am
/fat/5493 spacer
Similar to /emo/, I think we need a minor ailments thread for queries and issues that don't really warrant one of their own.
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>> No. 5683 Anonymous
15th March 2021
Monday 9:26 pm
5683 spacer
A reactionary isn't someone who reacts to things. I do second everything else you said though, no harm in getting a blood test or whatever.
>> No. 5695 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:45 pm
5695 spacer
I seem to have developed a space between my first and second molar on one side. This is most annoying because I get stringy food caught between them and have to use tweezers to pull out whatever is caught, especially when I eat steak and kidney pie.

I'm due to see a dentist in a couple weeks for a check-up anyway so I probably won't die but what can I do the meantime? There's a vicious cycle at work because I use interdental brushes to keep the space clean yet know that this is probably making it worse and if I don't then anything caught that I don't notice will cause an infection.
>> No. 5696 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 8:42 am
5696 spacer
Start carrying tweezers.
You're getting older, your gums are receding. Getting "long in the tooth". It's not likely to improve until you get false teeth.
>> No. 5697 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 10:11 am
5697 spacer
>>5681 Hayfever? It can be a right cunt, and this is prime time for some of the more common tree pollens.
>> No. 5698 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 12:10 pm
5698 spacer
The fingers on my right hand ache if I straighten them and seem to be naturally crooked compared with my left. I think it's from holsojg my phone too much recently.


>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
/nom/13192 spacer
This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 14306 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 12:18 am
14306 spacer
Not surprising. As instant noodles go, the major selling point for pot noodles are the pot. The competition for plain bagged ones is immense and they've never been more accessible with every larger supermarket seemingly having at least a small collection beyond their own-brand ones.
>> No. 14307 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 7:03 pm
14307 spacer

These were 99p in my local Lidl, I think reduced to clear after Veganuary. They're not bad, not too far off Quorn escalopes.
>> No. 14313 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 3:57 pm
14313 spacer

This really is top bollocks.
>> No. 14314 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 10:09 pm
14314 spacer

Are you sure? It looks like it's made from garlic.
>> No. 14315 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 9:15 am
14315 spacer

Garlic are mother nature's bollocks.


>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
/b/430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 443371 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 6:38 pm
443371 spacer
Dehumidifiers can lower the relative humidity in a room, so in that sense they work. At room temperature you need to remove about 2g/m³ of water to lower humidity by 10% (e.g. in a 4x4x2.5m room that's about 80g) which a proper powered one will do no problem. I'd avoid "passive" chemical dehumidifiers, on the other hand, are only useful in small spaces like cupboards unless you fancy changing them every few days. Fortunately, tools for measuring humidity are cheap so it's easy to verify their effectiveness.

Air purifiers on the other hand are tricky, there are a lot of products making all kinds of wild claims about their effectiveness, but measuring their results is more expensive and requires more specialist equipment. There are of course things you can do to improve air quality, if your hoover has a HEPA filter it's effectively doing that for example, but its harder to quantify what exactly makes air "more pure".
>> No. 443372 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 6:52 pm
443372 spacer
Dehumidifiers are good if you have a damp house, basically if you have a problem with condensation on walls and windows or mould patches. They're good if you often have to hang laundry up indoors to dry.
Don't bother with cheap ones, in this country you really need to pay a bit more for a powered desiccant dehumidifier as other types are virtually useless in cold-damp conditions.

Air purifiers as in ionisers/ion-generators are 95% snake oil. They do help eliminate smells and make a room more "fresh" feeling, but as they generate some ozone which is bad for your health it's best to leave one running on a timer when you're out of the house for a while.

Air purifiers with a physical HEPA filter are amazing if you buy a big enough one for the size of the house. They reduce build up of visible dust, get rid of viruses bacteria and mould spores that are in the air, and pollen which is good if you suffer allergies, as well as particulate pollution. They usually also have carbon filters included which get rid of VOCs, formaldehydes and other things like that. You might not notice the benefits of a HEPA filter day to day, but they should have at least a slight improvement on your general well being and health.
>> No. 443373 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 7:11 pm
443373 spacer

Pollens and spores are (relatively) large particles that don't actually require HEPA filtration. A G4 filter will catch more than 90% of those particles and an F7 filter will catch basically everything, plus substantial filtration of smoke and fine soot. Airflow is at least as important as filter effectiveness, because the filter can only work on the air being passed through it - it's no good filtering 99.999% of everything if the purifier unit has a piss-weak fan that barely moves any air.

If you're serious about indoor air quality, I'd suggest building your own. It really isn't difficult or expensive, you just need to strap a panel filter to a big fan. Industrial panel filters are cheaper and longer-lasting than the filters in domestic air purifiers, which are basically toys by comparison.

I can't say whether they make a meaningful difference in a typical domestic environment, but they work miracles in a workshop.

>> No. 443402 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 4:59 am
443402 spacer
BigClive confirmed as one of us three:
>> No. 443406 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 3:10 am
443406 spacer

Neil Robertson really needs a haircut.


>> No. 27849 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 10:54 am
/g/27849 spacer
We've got two phones here with their screens smashed to bits, but that's the only thing wrong with them. The cost of either replacing the screen or getting the data retrieved (I forget which) is about fifty quid so we'd rather not.

All we want is to retrieve the data from them; there are irreplaceable family pictures and work stuff on both.
I think they're both samsungs. Is there a cheaper way of doing it? We have the PINs, is there some software we can plug them into maybe, emulate their screens on a monitor or some other way to get the information out?
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>> No. 27863 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 3:15 pm
27863 spacer
>Screens for older phones are usually cheap as chips on eBay.

Amazon too - most screens are about ten quid now for old phones; you just need the right screwdrivers and a couple of hours on iFixit.
>> No. 27864 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 4:26 pm
27864 spacer
Was expecting the cost of the screen + the right screwdriver to come to more than just paying to get it done but I'll look into it.
>> No. 27865 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 8:53 pm
27865 spacer
Putting pones back together (nicely) is the hard bit a lot of the time, If you don't need to do that, and you don't care about knackering the old screen as you take things apart, it's about as easy as it gets. Watch youtube videos.
I've done a few now, with good results. Amazon/ebay screens aren't always defect free, but again, you don't care.
>> No. 27866 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 9:00 pm
27866 spacer
>> No. 27867 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 2:11 am
27867 spacer
The cheap chinesium "open all" screw driver kits also help, you should be able to get one for a few quid. Do not abuse them, they work just fine for the inside a mobile phone but won't screw your door hinges back on without disintegrating. A decent spudger also helps, if you have access to the metal banding used in packing a 2" section with tape around one side works wonders.


>> No. 443102 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 12:12 pm
/b/443102 spacer
Requiescat in pace
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>> No. 443399 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 10:26 pm
443399 spacer

I've always wanted to lock a woman to a fence by the neck and fuck them.
>> No. 443400 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 12:12 am
443400 spacer

This has cheered me up no end. Top remembrancing.
>> No. 443403 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 7:15 am
443403 spacer
It's what he would have wanted.
>> No. 443404 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 10:01 pm
443404 spacer

About time people get out of lockdown.
>> No. 443405 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 12:00 am
443405 spacer



>> No. 3840 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 10:03 pm
/£$€¥/3840 Pensions
The OFT have come out and said that many old (i.e. set up before 2001) pension schemes have high charges and offer savers poor value for money. They've also suggested a cap for auto-enrolment schemes, but it's going to be an almost meaningless gesture as you'd be very hard pressed to find a provider offering auto-enrolment terms with annual management charges greater than 1% anyway.

The pension scheme I'm in at work (contribution: 5% employer, 5% employee gross) has management charges of 0.6%, which I'm alright with as it's less than I'd get if I was investing in collectives through an ISA.

However, I've put the charges and contribution details into Invidion's pension calculator for an idea of what I'd get when I'm 65, 40 years from now, and if my salary increases in line with National Average Earnings and I took the 25% tax-free lump sum I'd be looking at a pension in today's terms of 27.5% of my current salary. If I wanted a pension that would be about two-thirds of what I'm earning now then I'll need to contribute, assuming the employer contribution stays at 5%, 15% gross (12% net) of my salary every year for the next four decades. This does depend on what annuity rates will be like then and I'd also be getting the State Pension, as long as they haven't upped the age you receive it to 80 by then.

If it wasn't for the tax relief and my employer matching my contributions then I doubt I'd bother and I'd look into other ways to support myself while I'm in retirement. What about you lads? What are your thoughts on pensions? In my opinion to have any form of decent retirement income you're at the mercy of your employer offering a good pension scheme.
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>> No. 8727 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 11:22 am
8727 spacer

This sort of thing has happened before. It's not too dissimilar from other bubbles.
>> No. 8728 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 12:15 pm
8728 spacer
TLP coin has been trading for about 3 years now.
>> No. 8733 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 7:22 am
8733 spacer

Wish I'd had the foresight to mine, rather than buy a shitty cheap netbook laptop with no computer power.
>> No. 8734 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 9:08 am
8734 spacer

Fuck the person who thought this was an appropriate take.

>The amount the government has to spend on state benefits will fall by £1.5bn by 2022, partly because of under-65s dying of Covid, forecasts suggest.
>> No. 8745 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 5:12 pm
8745 spacer
I managed to mine Doge in the first weekend, when mining with a laptop CPU was actually possible. Hopefully when the Blockchain syncs I will still be able to access them... Not a life changing amount but still nice to find on an old HDD.


>> No. 27146 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 10:54 pm
/news/27146 spacer
I suppose it's time for a new thread seeing as the previous one is almost at 1,700 posts.

It's been kicking off in America (again) after the police have shot a black man (again). A couple of protesters/rioters have been killed after they were driven by the police towards an alt-right militia, with this planned in advance.
487 posts and 33 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 33144 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 11:10 am
33144 spacer

It legitimises their doing those things so while yes, they do them now, they will do them a lot more.
>> No. 33145 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 11:18 am
33145 spacer
Could be that they feel they're at risk (I mean we are on a melting planet and all that), could be culture war runoff, could be coincidence*, could be that the police are lobbying a receptive government. I couldn't say for certain, I haven't paid enough attention to either to say definitively. Patel wanting to bring back the death penalty is probably just standard Tory nonsense though.
*Coincidence isn't the ideal word, but I'm getting at the way the Spycops bill started with a 2019 court case confirming MI5 could break the law undercover, which gives the impression that they partially just want to legitimise the sort of thing they were already doing.

That depends on who you're getting at. They will amount to nothing for the average person, perhaps, but it's probably worth thinking about what they're going for when it comes to tightening up restrictions on protests and the like.
Just for illustrative purposes: Let's say it's because climate protestors are starting to look like they might create too much pressure. Look at how they haven't been banned, strictly, they're still entitled to protest - provided it doesn't inconvenience anyone and is trivial to ignore as a result. You can even sort of invert it and say it's been done to protect the freedom of ordinary people to get on with their lives without being annoyed by "politics", which a lot of the public will sympathise with. It's all so much cleverer than sending people to Siberia.
>> No. 33146 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 11:21 am
33146 spacer

Not to mention the way it targets travellers. Completely criminalising their way of life. But to >>33141 it'll feel like nothing.
>> No. 33147 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 11:46 am
33147 spacer
The Home Secretary's job description must include somewhere that you absolutely have to be a despotic fascist. Theresa May was like that too, and when she became Prime Minister, she didn't totally remove all civil liberties at any point. It was like she had stopped caring about Orwellian thought-policing.

Priti Patel also provides a 2-for-1 for the Conservative Party: she's a non-white woman who hates immigrants. It's hard for anyone to gain a political foothold to the right of the Conservatives, because how much more right-wing can you get than sending battleships into international waters to machine-gun starving families in inflatable rafts? But you can't say they're far-right reactionary lunatics, because these opinions are being voiced by an Asian lady. You say you're woke, but as soon as ethnic diversity and gender equality get introduced, suddenly you get "upset" because this strong independent woman is a "swivel-eyed psychopath". It's like you never cared about social justice at all. So you've been defeated on both sides.
>> No. 33148 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 1:06 pm
33148 spacer

>You say you're woke, but as soon as ethnic diversity and gender equality get introduced, suddenly you get "upset" because this strong independent woman is a "swivel-eyed psychopath"

I unironically kind of like that aspect of it though. Gives you a stronger platform to talk people around to class based politics by using her as an example to demonstrate racial reductionism is misguided, and the causal link with being an evil bastard is that she's a blue blooded upper caste elite.


>> No. 92607 Anonymous
23rd March 2021
Tuesday 3:26 pm
/pol/92607 spacer
You know it's local election time when councillors you've never heard of start creeping out of the woodwork again.
100 posts and 13 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 92856 Anonymous
6th April 2021
Tuesday 4:50 am
92856 spacer
You mean Tony from Tile It All doesn't post here?
>> No. 92857 Anonymous
6th April 2021
Tuesday 8:17 am
92857 spacer
What about Big John from Karelia Cars?
>> No. 93048 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 5:38 pm
93048 spacer

blue flyer.jpg
Toppest rofl
>> No. 93055 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 8:42 am
93055 spacer

>if this effects you

What is this country coming to.
>> No. 93083 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 10:28 am
93083 spacer
The Labour flyer has come through, Lynn Masterman with her Ossett Masterplan. Apparently £95.3million has been invested into schools in Ossett over the past five years, which seems extremely high unless they're counting things like salaries in this.


>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
/101/28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 31703 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 10:01 pm
31703 spacer
Youtube implemented it as a feature copycatting tiktok, the algorithms give a lot of weight to shorts at the moment so youtubers who are wise to it are gaming the system.
>> No. 31705 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 5:11 pm
31705 spacer
I've got a £15 off UberEats code but it crashes every time I try and place an order.
>> No. 31707 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 9:45 am
31707 spacer
I was going to google something and I've forgotten what it was.
>> No. 31708 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 2:58 pm
31708 spacer
>> No. 31709 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 3:06 am
31709 spacer
The skin on my right heel has decided to peel off in big lumps and now it's cracked and bleeding. I couldn't find a big enough plaster, so I've got a wad of kitchen roll taped to my foot.


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